01-07-12 04:24 PM
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  1. DINGSTER1's Avatar
    I just left BB and the display model there hasn't worked in a few weeks. I already own an iPad, but I need something for class books (no Adobe on Apple). Refurb PBs are going for $169 now, Fire is out because I already have a Kindle...
    01-06-12 11:12 AM
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    I had some time to kill in the shopping centre today, so I went to Carphone Warehouse, the UK chain stocking Playbooks (I actually bought mine from them on the day of UK premiere).

    Playbook was there alongside Ipad 2 and some Android tablet. So it was well presented, as one of only 3 tablets you can play with (they sell many more). But, to my surprise, next to PB there was... a BB phone. Normally, the other phones are on the opposite wall.

    Out of curiosity, I have asked one of the assistants, what can he tell me about the tablet. He said: "It is a nice device, but the problem is that you have to own the Blackberry phone first. Otherwise it is useless for you." These were his first words!

    Then he continued, saying that only with BB phone you can connect this tablet to the internet. I stopped playing the uninformed customer and told him, that this is not true. And that you can use other phones to tether. He was really surprised! During the conversation he also told me, that PB is better than iPad because it supports flash, so he wasn't trying to be negative. But still, uninformed customer would be just discouraged from looking at PB from the very first words.

    It seems, that this is happening with all the retailers. Not only they have no knowledge about the product (which I hate, but it happens in all tech stores about all products...), but they also tell people incorrect facts!

    I know there are some people on this forum, who are in touch with RIM employees. Is it not possible to pass our feedback to RIM's sales people? It looks like they do not care at all what information about their products is distributed. It seems that they do not control their sales channels. And they are surprised that sales are not great???

    I work in the company that sales to retail. We manage the message about our products. We do training sessions to all store managers and sometimes even to cashiers. We do store visits during sales campaigns, all employees are engaged (we have small competitions for people who provide feedback). If we would see that our products are wrongly presented, or that people do not know the facts about them, we would send someone to such retails chain straight away, to implement some corrective measures. We organize competitions between the stores of the same chain, the store which sells the most in each period (usually a month) gets some prices for all its employees. There are so many ways to keep the sales people engaged!! And they are not that expensive to implement!

    Has anybody actually talked to RIM? Are they aware of all of such practices? Perhaps we, as users, should actually let RIM know by sending direct e-mails? After all - we would be making them a favour.

    Sorry, just had to get it out of my chest. Playbook is great and I am so tired of hearing total nonsense about it in every shop...
    01-07-12 04:24 PM
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