01-07-12 04:24 PM
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  1. tharrison4815's Avatar
    Haha definitely sounds like they have the Playbook confused with the Touchpad.
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    12-30-11 04:37 PM
  2. app_Developer's Avatar
    I don't mind when a salezperson doesn't know what they are talking about if they admit it.
    Now, how often does that happen??

    Haha definitely sounds like they have the Playbook confused with the Touchpad.
    Interesting thought. That may be true for some people, confusing the Playbook and Touchpad.
    12-30-11 04:52 PM
  3. Bob31464's Avatar
    I got the same thing when I went into Best Buy to look for accessories for mine, he was very arrogant, I just shook my head and walked out. I went to Staples and found what I was looking for. When I bought my PB at Office Depot, they were very helpful and seemed impressed with the PB.
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    12-30-11 04:55 PM
  4. armrob's Avatar
    there isnt much RIM can do about it. retailers choose to push a certain product and try to get customers away from others. i think there are bigger interests involved than the sales rep commissions.
    Try and walk into a Bestbuy today to purchase a Windows Phone 7, they will give you the same look, as in ''are u sure thats what you want ?''. they are only pushing iphones and androids (even more than iphones) because its in their financial interest to do so.

    RIM has to find other means to push their product directly to the consumer.
    12-30-11 05:06 PM
  5. jtwarrin5's Avatar
    My wife went to Best Buy looking to purchase a Playbook for me for Christmas and the sales associate told her the playbooks were discontinued and were no longer being made. They even told her that they were no longer available in their system and that the website must not be updated. She went back home and checked the website, to find it available for purchase. They are definitely not doing RIM any favors. I'm glad my wife was persistent!
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    12-30-11 05:08 PM
  6. wiggy999's Avatar
    Ottawa, Ontario Best Buy AND fUTURE SHOP had a pretty good setup this week. Thay had a cage full of PB's near the checkouts and you just lined up and paid. I got some hilarious advice in a smaller town tho : U need a blackberry phone to use the PB Sir..LOL I laughed in his face and educated him a little bit. Love my 16 GB so far.. and I feel tempted to buy the 32 GB for 250... hmmmmm.
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    12-30-11 05:17 PM
  7. Betmen's Avatar
    I think this is really serious and toxic sh** !! You can put what ever
    spin you want on this, but its public perception like this that can kill a company..
    Example Audi Motors and most recently Toyota.
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    12-30-11 05:26 PM
  8. NaijaBerry's Avatar
    Wow this best buy thing has been on for a while, i'm in Nigeria, i asked my brother in law to pop into best buy when he was in new york earlier on in the year to pick up my pb then at full price, and the sales guy tried to convince him to get a galaxy tab instead. I was like i don't even want an ipad, get the playbook man!! Still its strange because best buy must have moved quite a bit of stock
    12-30-11 05:27 PM
  9. diegonei's Avatar
    Hope she recovers fast. You're a great son.
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    12-30-11 05:29 PM
  10. cleveland216's Avatar
    I have been getting the same treatment from Best Buy the past month. I have said this before in other threads, but BEST BUY needs to quit with their BB is dicontinuing PBs crap. I think I might go up there to purchase another one, thanks to jcb's constant pressure.
    Here's to a better year for RIM in 2012!!!
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    12-30-11 05:38 PM
  11. mc21's Avatar
    Almost as bad as those non corporate Verizon stores....
    12-30-11 05:59 PM
  12. North-Face's Avatar
    I ordered a PB for myself on the BlackBerry site the other day and decided I would pick one up for my mom as well. She is getting ready to go into radiation treatment for 6 weeks and I thought it would be a good way to stay connected and make a good entertainment device, praying she isn't too weak. She is getting a Curve as well and I thought why not pair them to get the full experience.

    It was pretty chaotic and I regretted going into Best Buy today but waited patiently for a blue shirt. After about 20min I intercepted an employee and said I would like to buy a PB.

    Her response was and I quote "Why would you want that one? They are discontinued and will not be getting any updates ever. That one is obsolete." She then informed me there were none in stock anyways. You had to be there to believe the tone she took like I had to be the biggest fool on the planet for wanting a PB. She looked at me like I had three heads.

    I am going to go elsewhere and still get a PB for mom but I am in total disbelief and had to share.
    Hope your moms has a speedy recovery! Great gift idea for her.

    It's probably not her fault, she was probably just born like that. (Born stupid)
    You're right it's not her fault, because the only thing being discontinued here is likely the said store's employee training.

    Interesting how rumors work. The person responsible for buying hardware and software for my Office told me right before Christmas that he expected RIM to be out of business next year and that the gov't agency I work for would probably not be buying RIM products anymore. Thus, my iPad is supposed to be delivered in January.
    Does this 'person' work at best buy?
    My condolences on the delivery.
    12-30-11 06:00 PM
  13. beman39's Avatar
    glad i didnt have that problem when I bought my brand new leather case and stand in one and screen protector I wojld have def told them where to go...almost bought a BT keyboard also (motorola brand) but wasn't sure if it would work with my PB, would u guys know if it would work?
    12-30-11 06:01 PM
  14. helsinki98's Avatar
    I had a similar experience in the closest thing the UK has to best buy, pcworld/currys.
    I was contemplating trying to haggle some free accessories so was having a go on a few of the tablets (already knew I wanted a playbook) when a sales rep came over, within the first minute or so they where trying to get me to buy an ipad (which don't get me wrong are nice but for the price I wanted the playbook) I straight out said I wanted the playbook and the sales rep looked quite surprised. Even when I was sat down asking how they where selling while filling out the paper work he was slating them. Also mentioned they had 80 in stock, no accessories and had another 50 coming in later that day seemed to be abit annoyed even though they had sold 50 or so in the past week. This was the 4th store I had tried in the area also, every where has been sold out.
    Seems to be a bit hit and miss really.
    12-30-11 06:41 PM
  15. kbz1960's Avatar
    These bestbuy threads pop up about every month and always the same thing. My experience way back in July and every time since that I have been in there.
    12-30-11 06:57 PM
  16. blackburberry's Avatar
    I was in the local Costco today and they had two types of tablets but not the BlackBerry. With a handful of customers poking around the merchandise and commenting to one another on their observations I said to my wife in my most polite outside voice "I understand the BlackBerry Playbook is the best 7 inch tablet device on the market today"!!
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    12-30-11 06:59 PM
  17. CDM76's Avatar
    I went into BestBuy to get a price match on something I bought Christmas Eve, and the customer service girl looked at me, laughed a little, and said "Sucks to be you". I will NEVER be back to BestBuy ..... Futureshop with match thier prices and has much better service.
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    12-30-11 07:07 PM
  18. nad1157's Avatar
    I just did an availability search on Best Buy’s web site, Not a single store within 100 miles. Checked all 3 16, 32 and 64gb Best Buy just list them as Unavailable
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    12-30-11 07:10 PM
  19. gohogs911's Avatar
    I just did an availability search on Best Buys web site, Not a single store within 100 miles. Checked all 3 16, 32 and 64gb Best Buy just list them as Unavailable
    Did the same thing last night and got the same results, except I expanded my search to a 4 state area (which I cover with my job). None of the stores had any. Decided to chat with customer service to see when they might be getting new stock. His response was "that model is discontinued and no longer available".
    12-30-11 07:28 PM
  20. wave1's Avatar
    My opinion might not amount to a hill of beans, but I almost became a victim of the negative press this fall and shed my BB for an Android or Iphone, but I did a full reversal and this holiday season I bought a Play Book for myself and my 16 year old daughter. All I can say is WOW, this is a very powerful and impressive piece of equipment especially when paired with a BB phone...my daughter is now kicking herself for switching from BB to Iphone. I travel frequently and use to drag a 17" laptop around.., so this is a blessing to my carrying. C,mon RIM and developers lets amp it up and keep this baby going..it's a beautiful thing!
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    12-30-11 07:36 PM
  21. striknine's Avatar
    Same here, stopped by my local best buy yesterday and asked for a PB case, guy told me they were discontinued and once all stock is gone there will never be any more available.
    Last week they had a cage with about 10 16gb versions and they didnt have one on display. Most likely Apple and Samsung are paying them to push their products.
    12-30-11 07:43 PM
  22. bbaddict30's Avatar
    This is RIMs problem. It's the RIM retail rep that is supposed to quash rumors and promote the sales of their products.
    All the big-boxstores i go to, like best buy, target etc., have beautiful apple setups for the ipad iphone etc. I go to the same stores and the playbooks are either broken or not even on display. The local bestbuy near me has multiple kindle fires but not one playbook. I also blame rims retail reps, which I dont even believe exist. P.s. im really irritated that the playbook doesn't make the letter "I" capitalized automatically, spell check doesnt work, doesnt automatically insert apostrophes in contractions.
    12-30-11 08:06 PM
  23. cleveland216's Avatar
    ... P.s. im really irritated that the playbook doesn't make the letter "I" capitalized automatically, spell check doesnt work, doesnt automatically insert apostrophes in contractions.
    hahahahaha LOL
    cant wait for OS2
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    12-30-11 08:09 PM
  24. fatherslot's Avatar
    i got a negative response at Staples the other day. the sales guy even dropped a few f-bombs! he went on to tell me how educated he was & how he could hack into a bb in 45 seconds - I said, "and yet, you work at Staples", turned around & walked out & then called & complained to the manager.
    You can hack into a BB in less than 45 sec.. using an axe... god staples and such need a good kick in the ..
    12-30-11 08:23 PM
  25. AnthonGMc's Avatar
    This is the 5th person I heard the exact same thing from. I myself was told the same thing and this has to be coming from best buy internally or there has to be a reason that this is so consistent at Best Buys all over the country. Is it the commission the Sales reps are paid on other products or is this in fact what Best Buy Management believes? Either way it is bull .. All the research you do and statements from RIM demonstrate that they are committed to the device and I think the Playbook is an awesome device. The media and public perception of the device is tainted with rumors and pure crap. Everyone I know that has had an Ipad and then a Playbook all say the playbook hands down is a better device. They don't even touch the Ipad any more. RIM has to get strong with their upcoming Marketing Plans.. $100 Million dollar marketing campaign better make a difference and better put an end to the lies and non believers. We should all record Best buy Employees telling their lies to customers and Post that all over the web and give RIM the ammo they need to address this with the retailers. Would be a great story for the New York Times or Wall street Journal. "Best Buy Lie" that consumers rely on.
    very similar experience in new york at a best buy. they had a broken playbook there and didn't even care about fixing it. people were trying to use it but they tried to just steer them away to something else. then they had not one accessory for it either. they made me so upset that day because in the span of ten minutes probably 5 people came and tried to use it but couldn't because it was broke and broke in a way that only a store could've fixed.
    12-30-11 10:19 PM
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