1. mickeyboat's Avatar
    Have been waiting to see BB10 on PB to see if I would like the new Q10 phone. Are they likely to be close enough that I can make a decision on a new phone? Currently using a BB Touch. Cant decide between Apple, Android or new Q10.
    05-16-13 02:55 PM
  2. eddy_berry's Avatar
    Not close as far as anyone can tell since they aren't saying. Don't wait for it. Try out the devices in the stores. Best thing you can do is make a list of what you want to have and be able to do on your phone. Then make a decision based on that. I never push people towards BlackBerry, but plenty of times getting one in your hand will do the trick. Either you will like it or you won't. For me, I don't really like iPhones, and I don't mind Android at all really, but I love having my keyboard and I love the BB style. My apps are all social apps and very little distractions in the form of games. Do the research. It is the only way you will know. I have a 9900 but even I won't know if I like the Q10 with BB10.1 as it is now. When I'm looking for a new phone. I will go through this same process. Good luck.
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    05-16-13 03:27 PM
  3. darkhawk's Avatar
    my 2 cents
    android is unsafe, it comes up too often about security issues and what not with android
    ios, i had an iphone loved it so many awesome apps but it got old, itunes last update is aweful and after trying bb10 in the store and using my pb my iphone feels slugglish slow in how it operates the back button all the time is a pain. it does have the best apps tho!!! also one day i just said i hate typing on touch screens.
    in the end they all are OVER priced and always changing before you pay it off it will be all different and you will be left in the dark
    i went back to my 9700 just to get back to bbm and get ready for my q10, still waiting appariently iphones take a few years to payoff till i get my hardware update ha
    good luck in your decision
    05-16-13 03:53 PM
  4. mickeyboat's Avatar
    I have decided to make the BB 10 running on PB a litmus test on whether I buy another BB product. My Touch is meeting my needs now and I do not need to update unless the hardware crashes. If it appears that BB abandons the PB, I will abandon BB.
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    05-17-13 07:22 PM

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