1. Maxlowe389's Avatar
    I got my playbook in December last year and just read a forum about the new 4G playbook.

    When it is available in the UK I don't know if it would be worth upgrading to the new version as the old one still works perfectly, and I use my android phone as a portable hotspot when out and about anyway.

    What would the advantages and disadvantages be of the new playbook be compared to how I use my playbook now.

    07-05-12 11:08 AM
  2. Canuck671's Avatar
    In some parts of North America we can add a tablet to our phone plan for about ten bucks a month to share data ect. I would do that as my kids would either have my phone or pb, so at least the phone won't be overtaxed. It would have advantage of not worrying about always needing to bridge, or find a wifi spot. Some pros, some cons. I know that I will be using them as a stand alone portal in my vehicle designs. This does solve some of the issues of keeping several pb linked and communicating with the network and Internet.
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    07-05-12 11:46 AM
  3. thelink74's Avatar
    I for one am very interested in the 4g version. I currently rely on my 9900 for my corporate emails but they did inform us that they are moving our email server to a 3rd party in the following months and they dont support blackberry devices. I have my playbook set up on active sync on the server but i have to VPN to get access to my corporate emails so i am hoping that the 4g version will also support active sync and i can continue to get my emails this way. Cant wait till BB10 devices and i hope they also support active sync as well....
    07-05-12 12:02 PM