11-27-14 07:20 AM
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  1. ZayDub's Avatar
    Exactly! Makes perfect sense! I have an unltd data plan through sprint -- I'm sure they have a similar policy, although I haven't researched it. I plan on just sticking to the wifi initially, but it's nice to have the 4g option.

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    03-24-14 01:42 AM
  2. f0xG3's Avatar
    IMHO, The PlayBook 4G LTE is a curiousity for me. Apart from having the Cellular radio, it also sports a faster processor (1Ghz in Wifi vs 1.5Ghz in LTE). The memory is the same for both (1GB RAM).

    I'm not sure if it's a fair comparison but that particular setup is the same as the old Galaxy Nexus phone (which uses a TI OMAP 4460 (albeit clocked at 1.2Ghz, PB LTE is at 1.5 ) and a PowerVR SGX graphics to boot). I wonder if I should expect a performance as same as that phone... I did use the phone for months though so I know how it feels.
    03-24-14 01:46 AM
  3. Johberry's Avatar
    Despite what the seller emailed me, Amazon emailed me saying that my estimated arrival date isn't until April 1st, what the hell! Ugh. Want my Playbook THIS week!

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    03-24-14 08:44 PM
  4. ZayDub's Avatar
    Track your package via UPS. The tracking number is in the amazon delivery status page. It says mine will be delivered tmrw 3/25. Amazon's sight says between wednesday and next Tues. Amazon is just providing a generic delivery date, since they didn't ship it directly.

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    03-24-14 10:28 PM
  5. ZayDub's Avatar

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    03-24-14 10:28 PM
  6. Johberry's Avatar
    What the hell, how did I miss that? And how is it that it is coming from Canada?! I obviously was looking at a different seller's site when I was researching the company. Now I can see why delivery will take a while. Hmph. Thanks for your reply. Cheers.

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    03-24-14 11:23 PM
  7. Johberry's Avatar
    Oh and UPS doesn't even have an estimated delivery time for me. Looks like you'll get yours before I do...and when you do, please report all about it.

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    03-24-14 11:25 PM
  8. ZayDub's Avatar
    Yes, it's coming from Canada -- that's what I thought I saw a while ago, but when you told me the seller was in VA, I couldn't find the Canada info anymore...I think I was just tired since it was late LOL.

    Anyways, just hit the refresh option on the UPS website in a bit -- it was indicating delivery for 3/25 early in the day, then it was updated to say unavailable when it went through some clearing agency, and now it's back to saying 3/25...I think you just viewed the page in the 'limbo' period...I'm pretty sure it will arrive tmrw also

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    03-24-14 11:48 PM
  9. ZayDub's Avatar
    I like the idea of it coming directly from Canada, since it's factory unlocked too....straight from the source LOL...or as close to BBRY as possible haha. Oh and You're welcome!

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    03-24-14 11:50 PM
  10. ZayDub's Avatar
    Is it worth buying one?-img_20140324_235103.png
    Is it worth buying one?-img_20140324_235117.png

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    03-24-14 11:51 PM
  11. Johberry's Avatar
    Hahahaaa, I suppose I am just way too impatient and anxious. I checked right after I saw your post and sure enough...it is scheduled to arrive by EOD tomorrow. ::squeal:: No, not excited at all, heehee.

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    03-25-14 12:03 AM
  12. ZayDub's Avatar
    That makes two of us! -- i'll be even more stoked if the PB gets an update to BB10 in the future!

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    03-25-14 12:07 AM
  13. Johberry's Avatar
    If my bid on ebay falls through, which I'm sure it will because I don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the mini keyboard, I'm looking into other keyboard options. Logitech has a nice bluetooth touchpad wireless keyboard and the Microsoft Surface Touch keyboard looks good as well. Will probably hit up electronic store this weekend to try and see in person. Cheers.

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    03-25-14 12:07 AM
  14. ZayDub's Avatar
    Playbook arrived today. It had an update to 2.1.1753. I'm confused by the automatic update though, since I thought this model had to get updates directly from a carrier, and I haven't inserted a SIM card yet.

    The seller also included a free silicone or TPC cover, which is a nice bonus. I picked up a new BT KB on ebay for $90 today. I saw a new posting about an hour ago for Buy It Now...I think I see your username for a bid for the one ending tmrw

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    03-25-14 04:54 PM
  15. Johberry's Avatar
    Yay!! How are you liking it? UPS has yet to deliver mine...sitting here waiting as it has been out for delivery on a truck since 6am. Made sure to go straight home after class, but it's still not here yet!

    My unlocked Q10 did the same thing back when I got it in late February. I hadn't put a SIM yet and it automatically downloaded the update. A fellow forum member told me that because my phone is factory unlocked, the update came from Blackberry (which I believe since we all know AT&T hasn't released a 10.2 update).

    Gah, lucky you, good job on finding a new BT KB for 90 bucks! Cross your fingers I win my bid tomorrow. Cheers.

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    03-25-14 07:08 PM
  16. canadian nick's Avatar
    What geek something something said. He hit all the nails on the head with that post.

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    03-25-14 07:14 PM
  17. ZayDub's Avatar
    I'm loving it so far! really good quality materials and its functioning well. it did freeze on me once though when I was playing with bb bridge and using my q10 as a remote. You have to hold the power key and the volume up button together for 5-10 secs to do a hard reboot. no problems since.

    Maybe we won't need sim cards to get updates. I asked this question in a thread I started earlier and someone with a 4g unlocked pb said he always gets updates direct from bb and he doesn't use a sim either. I prefer it that way, since I was apprehensive about getting this model if I have to rely on carrier support for updates. I've been using sachesi for my sprint q10 updates.

    I think I just got lucky with the ebay keyboard, bc I had been lookimg at the same one u bidded on. I was waiting til the last hour or so to make a bid lol....but when ebay shows the first and last letters of your username in the bid history, I thought that may have been you, and knew u needed it for school. The one I bought has a mangled box, but it was advertised as new and the device looked good and still in plastic. I figured od rather save 60$ + than have a pretty box lol.


    btw, definitely get one of those rapid magnetic chargers that doesn't use the usb port. All my other amazon accesories arrived today on the same truck from ups....this charger is awesome and will save wear and tear on your usb port.

    btw, I typed this whole message on my pb haha
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    03-25-14 08:47 PM
  18. f0xG3's Avatar
    Cool Bro! I'm about to get my PlayBook LTE this week . This will be my second PB as my first was a 16GB Wifi.

    Z30 | Z30STA100-2/ | Globe PH
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    03-25-14 09:37 PM
  19. ZayDub's Avatar
    enjoy Fox!
    03-25-14 10:01 PM
  20. ZayDub's Avatar
    Hi Geek, I'm curious, are you listening to music on the PB via bluetooth on your cell phone? I thought I would be able to access my sd card on my phone via bridge, but I don't seem to have the option...I only have sms and bbm options.... thanks
    03-25-14 10:18 PM
  21. Johberry's Avatar
    ZayDub, I'm glad you like it! I've just returned from the AT&T store with my SIM and data plan activated. My Playbook is charging and is being installed. Also, thank you for keeping me in mind on that Bid. I'm still jealous on your purchase, what a steal. Some really nice people on these forums. I went ahead ordered a few accessories including the magnetic charger you recommended...there's a seller selling both the wall charger and charging pod together. I also got the envelope case because it looks so pretty! Of course, I probably won't be using it as much once I get my BB mini keyboard. Cheers.

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    03-25-14 11:00 PM
  22. Johberry's Avatar
    Hi Geek, I'm curious, are you listening to music on the PB via bluetooth on your cell phone? I thought I would be able to access my sd card on my phone via bridge, but I don't seem to have the option...I only have sms and bbm options.... thanks
    Hi, so I'm actually listening to music via Bridge on my PB. I was able to access my Q10's SDcard. So weird you're unable to.

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    03-25-14 11:16 PM
  23. ZayDub's Avatar
    congrats on receiving yours too Johberry! I hope you enjoy it! good luck on your ebay bid too! Did the seller include.a gift cover for you too? They also put a note with a sim card code on the PB box, which I haven't used yet....since my sim hasn't arrived yet. Did they give you a code too? I'm assuming its an unlock code, but I am confused bc if its factory unlocked, why would I need a code -- plus, I already got the OS update, which leads me to believe it is unlocked already. Let me know plz if you use it, and what it does.

    Yes, I also purchased the dock/magnetic charger combo for $16 for the bulk packaged version on amazon. I haven't used the dock yet, but the combo price for both was cheaper than buying separately, so good call! I think I'm going to have too many cases too lol. convertible case, journal case, keyboard case and the silicone cover the seller included! I think they will all get used depending on whatnim doing. I think the silicone cover will be the daily driver.

    Once your PB is charged up, you'll be ready to rock and roll! we've made a pretty good team throughout this process haha. thanks for your help too
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    03-25-14 11:26 PM
  24. Johberry's Avatar
    Yes, I too was confused when I saw that note with the code. Made me wonder if the device was even factory unlocked, but like you mentioned, there was an automatice update. Anyways, definitely hang on to that code. When you get your SIM, you have to activate it via Settings. The PB will prompt you that it is locked and will ask for a code. I entered the code the seller included and voila, my SIM and AT&T LTE Data service was turned on. I, too, received a silicone soft shell case. That was nice of the seller. I probably won't really use it, though. Till my envelope arrives, I'll use the neoprene case that came with the PB...it is too cute. Oooh, I want to get a matte anti-glare screen protector, too.

    I too enjoyed our little journey. All the advice given on here really helped. I hope Geek responds to your question.

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    03-25-14 11:49 PM
  25. Johberry's Avatar
    Um, I think I just figured out why you couldn't play music. Instead of going to the Bridge App on PB, go to File Manager and if your devices are paired, you should be able to click on the phone icon and access any of your files including music on your phone and SDcard. Hope that helps. Best.

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    03-26-14 12:04 AM
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