1. Joey Hutchison's Avatar
    As you know, the playbook will not charge on all bricks... so it must be hard to know if a battery life will charge the playbook.. does anybody know about a working battery pack for playbook..

    I bought one at Walmart but did not work for playbook.

    Posted via CB10
    08-15-16 11:47 AM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Are you just looking for longer operational life? As long as your Playbook takes a charge, then I would think almost any external battery pack would work.
    As to just the charger itself, as long as it puts out at least 1.2 amps (1200 mah). Anything less, and you will be waiting for ever.

    If your charger DOES put out 1.2 amps, and you have verified that it does charge other device (like your phone) then you should be good to go.
    You might have to stack charge if the unit is completely "dead". (Search here in the forums for stack charging with a switched power strip.)

    If your Praybook does not come back to life after charging, then in all likelihood, the battery has lived it's useful life, or the charge/dataport is damaged (hopefully not!). You can find replacement batteries on Amazon/Ebay, and replacement vids on youtube.
    08-15-16 01:05 PM
  3. PlayBook_QNX's Avatar
    lol my playbook not dead thanks for the reply, yeah my battery pack was not strong.. so any thing stronger than 1.2___ will work?? BTW its me Joey.. cause I used google plus for my crackberry acount but it dosnt work on playbook... just my z10.. so I did an other acount on my playbook.. without google plus... so stupid.. anyways thanks for the reply...

    sent from my PlayBook <3
    08-15-16 08:51 PM

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