1. T-Mac67's Avatar
    Since switching from the Torch to the Z10, I have not been able to use my Playbook for work email / contacts/ calendar as the Blackberry Bridge now only showed Browser / Text / BBM.

    If your Blackberry is activated and connected to an Enterprise server, there is hope.

    When you have your Blackberry sync'ed to your work server, you are sent an activation code in order to successfully link your Blackberry to the network.......well the same is true for the Playbook as it will also sync with the Enterprise server once sent an activation code.

    All you do is follow these steps once you receive your activation code:

    1. On the Playbook swipe from the top to get the SETTINGS screen.
    2. Click on ACCOUNTS
    3. Click on ADD NEW ACCOUNT
    4. Chose an account - EMAIL, CALENDAR, and CONTACTS
    5. Click on ADVANCED SETTING found on the bottom left of screen
    6. Choose WORK ACCOUNT
    7. Fill in the fields based on the email you receive for activation
    8. Click on SAVE

    Once it starts to configure, you will be prompted about certificates...I clicked on the option box to always trust certificates for WEBMAIL and all is good now.

    After a short time all your contacts come in (personal and work if you have other accounts linked) as well as your work calendar.

    You do not need the Blackberry Bridge for this to work, just connected to wi-fi (or BB hotspot) or the newer models through your data plan.

    Now your Playbook will no longer be a paper-weight.
    07-25-14 03:09 PM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar
    Thanks for the info....

    Think you find that your Z10 will make your PlayBook a paper-wight. It just so much faster that even with the bigger screen the PlayBook just doesn't get the job done in comparison. Some updated hardware and BB10 is what we need.
    07-25-14 03:25 PM

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