09-14-12 06:11 PM
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    stack charged for 80 minutes and no luck. I plug it into the PC and press power and i can get it to the 'blackberry tablet cant connect - retry - update - cancel' so i press update, it downloads the software and then complains it cant connect.. any more suggestions?
    I have same exact problem, tablet froze at school last night so I just put it up because the battery was low anyways. When I got home and tried to charge it, the red light stayed on for 15 secs then turned off. Could not get it to boot. So I went online and have read dozens of threads just like this.

    I tried all night to stack charge, finally gave up around 1 AM, left on charge all night, tried again this morning, nothing. Put back on charger then went to work, came home tried stacked again for another 45 mins, still nothing.

    Red light used to stay on for about 10 - 15 secs, now only blinks for a second.

    I have tried EVERYTHING, I have literally read every topic on crackberry and blackberry forums regarding this issue.

    I really really dont want to send this POS off for repair. I got the very last one from Best Buy for $75 last week. I ordered a Rapid charger before this happened. Im going to wait and try it before I return it. If I return it Im just going to get a Kindle Fire they are only $149, and no stupid battery problems.

    This is a shame, I really like this tablet, its different from everyone else's and I really like the frame gestures. This thing has so much potential and I am willing to over look its flaws but Im about to give up on this freaking battery.
    09-14-12 06:11 PM
26 12