1. popeyesmotto's Avatar
    What is in a number. Number Two isn't Number One, and in the case of BBPlaybook there are expectations that Number Two will be better than number one. With the announced release of Number Two during the smallest monthly window on the calendar, even with an extra day, could it be possible RIM will seize upon the Numerical Possibilities and release Number Two on 2/2/2012? Number Two On Number Two. It's unlikely I know, probably wait till the 29th just to build some more anticipation. Maybe someone inmarketing is paying attention?????
    01-29-12 08:44 AM
  2. si_chindo's Avatar
    the sega dreamcast was releaded on 9/9/99. it wad a commercial failure despite it being one of my favourite videogame console of all tome. so its not sbout the date really. i just hope they release it as a "complete" and refined build as possible.
    01-29-12 09:00 AM