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    Ok so I have my BlackBerry Playbook with the latest OS ( and a PC running 32bit Windows 7 Starter. I want to make a backup of my Playbook but when I connect it to the PC, the desktop software shows me this:

    Windows 7 does not detect Playbook? Change BB ID without security wipe?-playbook-desktop-software.png
    (If i click update it will ask me if i want to erase all data on my PB but what i want to do is a backup, so that's not happening)

    The Device Manager shows a notification saying "Blackberry (Pin: *********) has been connected to the system. Initializing device access." for a while and then the notification just disappears and when i right click the Device Manager icon and click properties it shows me this:

    Windows 7 does not detect Playbook? Change BB ID without security wipe?-playbook-device-manager.png

    And my Playbook just shows the "Connected to Computer" screen. When i dismiss it, a notification on the upper left corner tells me "unable to charge battery with connected source"

    I have tried with both "automatically detect" and "connect to windows" on the usb connections setting under the storage and sharing settings on my PB but it still doesn't work.

    However, when I connect it to other computers, the DM quickly asks me for the password and locates the PlayBook in the Z: drive. Haven't tried out the DS on other computers tho.

    The reason i want to do the backup is to make a security wipe and then change the BB ID my playbook is associated with so i can download apps from the BB AppWorld, since it was my dad's PB at first, and he doesn't remember his password so I can't download apps from the AppWorld right now.

    Which brings me to my other question, is it possible to change my BB ID without having to make a security wipe? If not, -Quoting the AVGN here- what were they thinking? (They being Blackberry)

    Thanks in advance!
    04-09-13 10:49 PM
  2. xamdam's Avatar
    You must do a wipe in order to change BBID.

    As for windows 7 not recognizing the playbook i have playbook lte version and i use windows 7 64 bit on my laptop and thats all i have for a PC and works np's.

    DM is for older devices.

    BB LINK software is for BB10 devices, make sure your not trying to load playbook in BBLINK as sometimes it will see it, but most of time it will not.

    as fro backing it UP why if your wanting to wipe it and change bbid the backup won't ever restore as bbid has changed.

    Just do a DeBrick look for it here in the cb forum search, its easy to do and if u have any questions please post away.
    04-10-13 07:46 AM

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