07-14-13 06:22 PM
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  1. gwinegarden's Avatar
    This one does, pretty much, all that I need, right now, so I will not buy another until this one gives up the ghost.

    BUT, after the BB10 on Playbook lie, I will never buy another BB device. I should have known better. I worked in the tech industry for over 40 years and worked for countless Thorsten clones. They all tell you everything is great right up to the day it all collapses.

    I'm just sorry I didn't sell my stock before the numbers came out.
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    07-02-13 01:29 PM
  2. rkennedy01's Avatar
    You are going to make me go out and look at it again! Maybe just look for a separate bt keyboard so it can be used across the room attached to the tv.

    Oh, someone at Staples mentioned it was chock full of 3rd party "junk." Did you find that true?
    Not that I noticed. But then I did a wipe/clean install shortly after purchasing.

    Methinks the Staples guy was BS'ing you. It's a great laptop/tablet hybrid - perhaps the best available right now, though the inevitable Bay Trail version will totally rock.

    Again, my only gripe is the size - perfect for a small laptop, a bit big for a tablet. But it's so light, you don't really mind the 11.6" dimensions that much. However, I find myself struggling to find a place to put it down when using it in tablet mode. That all-aluminum finish has me cringing every time I put it on an uneven/rough surface.

    Note: I bought the Envy x2 to give me a highly portable device that I could haul back and forth to the new school my wife have been building for the past three years. It gives me all of the Windows features I need - runs Office, prints to/scans from whatever I connect to it, handles multimedia with aplomb - and then doubles as a hand-held reference device when I'm lecturing in class. Nothing like pulling up a Wikipedia article or Youtube video to get the point across to a bunch of hyper-connected "skulls full of mush."

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    07-02-13 01:44 PM
  3. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    I might jump ship from my 32GB PlayBook to a 64GB PlayBook. Starting to see some used ones at wicked prices.

    Then again, I might just add one instead if replace.

    Thanks for the deals, ship jumpers!

    Posted via CB10
    07-02-13 02:02 PM
  4. Gnomesane's Avatar
    Sticking with PlayBook for the foreseeable, also have an Asus TF101 Android (JB) tablet. The PB is fine for couch and bedside mode, casual browsing, emails and e-reader. If it breaks, would probably look at a Nexus 7" or similar running SwiftKey.
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    07-02-13 02:47 PM
  5. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    I'll probably go with an iPad Mini Retina. If there are any decent 7"-8" Windows tablets I might take a look at them.
    07-02-13 02:51 PM
  6. Canuck671's Avatar
    I was super excited about the surface since it would fit my needs for work being able to do everything that my computer does. I have yet to see one in real life to try it

    Posted via CB10
    07-02-13 04:10 PM
  7. kb5zht's Avatar
    I'm just sorry I didn't sell my stock before the numbers came out.

    I'm so far in the red its pathetic and bbry will never rise to those old heights again. Investors don't buy shares linked to promises, they buy the ones linked to profits.

    In my investing career I have never had a trade that was as big as a fail as blackberry.
    07-02-13 04:57 PM
  8. ADGrant's Avatar
    Ditto..... I actually got pissed at BBRY last year and bailed. Went droid & got a GS3 & G-Note 10.1.
    I didn't read the release but, does it say anywhere the BBRY is scraping the PB all together?.... or just not bringing BB10 to the current PB.
    I think we can all agree NOT having a tablet in the family line would be pretty freakin stupid so.....I'm betting a new PB will be dropped. After all, the "road map" released a few months ago showed a tab.... (minor sarcasm)
    TH's comments about tablets suggest that the PB is dead. I would be surprised to see a BB 10 tablet any time soon.
    07-02-13 06:27 PM
  9. Wilsonia Goldens's Avatar
    No! I will stick with the playbook. Heins has said that the tablet is dead. I don't know what BB will have as an alternative to the tablet but I am in no hurry and will wait six months to a year to see what innovation BB has in store if anything.
    07-02-13 06:58 PM
  10. pythons's Avatar
    The Playbook was never really a "Tablet"....
    ...More of a novelty then anything else.
    07-02-13 11:10 PM
  11. Bash_Man's Avatar
    Gonna stick with my 64GB Playbook. but if I were to purchase another tablet, i'd go for the Surface Pro. Either 64GB or 128GB.

    07-02-13 11:11 PM
  12. soren203's Avatar
    Probably the next gen ipad mini, once they get os 7 on it with proper multitasking Im grabbing it, RIP pb I'll miss you :'(
    07-02-13 11:50 PM
  13. jpeplow's Avatar
    I went out today and got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" on sale. I do still use my Playbook fairly regularly, and it does most of what I need it to do. The issue is any and all development is going to dry up. So those last few useful apps that I was hoping would come with BB10 never will.
    07-02-13 11:59 PM
  14. Offsite_Ric's Avatar
    Probably just stick with my Playbook for a while, and see what BB does with it. I really only use a tablet for web browsing and the Playbook does that well enough considering it's age.
    07-03-13 12:23 AM
  15. CairnsRock's Avatar
    Moved to iPad 4 last Nov. kept my Playbook to check out BB10 when it made it to PB as promised.
    The iPad is far superior to PB in every way, recent events have confirmed my decision, but I take no pleasure in it. In fact I find the whole thing is sad.
    I liked Blackberry products, but hated RIM, primarily for the way that they seem to ignore their customers. Now unfortunately, that old RIM behaviour is now tarnishing the bbry brand.
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    07-03-13 12:41 AM
  16. bbfan1040's Avatar
    I'm not ready to jump, but Microsoft looks good - but, it doesn't have enough apps . :-)
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    07-03-13 01:37 AM
  17. 12Danny123's Avatar
    I'm gonna go to the next Gen Surface Pro with Win8.1 which will have Haswell installed and a massive resolution on a 10.6 screen with Full Windows 8 :-)
    Last edited by 12Danny123; 07-03-13 at 01:59 AM.
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    07-03-13 01:45 AM
  18. mmcpher's Avatar
    I jumped to the Surface Pro as soon as it was available in the US and it's been great. I'm toying with trying to get the Preview of Windows 8.1 on it.

    With BB10 being scrapped for my PlayBook, I'm left trying to come up with some useful "repurposing" of it. It remains a neglected workhorse.

    Posted via CB10
    07-03-13 02:00 AM
  19. thurask's Avatar
    I'm keeping my PlayBook.
    07-03-13 02:35 AM
  20. MC_A_DOT's Avatar
    Hmmm....I'm pretty pissed off to be honest. I got quite a few people to love the PB and now they've all sold it.

    My PB browser is choppy as h3ll and it keeps dropping connection .....I don't really want to sell my PB but if they're not gonna support it and stick to the promises that were made ...I'm selling it.

    I will probably get a small laptop or a Samsung chromebook.

    Why BlackBerry......why.
    07-03-13 03:29 AM
  21. MarsupilamiX's Avatar
    I don't care about BlackBerry's inability to provide BB10 for the PlayBook, as Microsoft already showed me with the Surface, that I have no further interest in "dumb Tablets".

    My next tablet, will either be:
    As long as I can delete Android on it.


    Posted via CB10
    07-03-13 07:53 AM
  22. anon(5597702)'s Avatar
    Keeping mine, too, until it no longer boots. Works the same as it did before Thorsten announced that BB10 was dropped. (I'm disappointed, yes, but it doesn't change how happy I am with this tablet.) I use it for browsing, email, some games, media/streaming, and even a remote control for my home theatre PC.

    Search for Origami browser in the app forum. It's a great browser for the PB and the developer is actively updating it and is very responsive. It'll breathe new life into your PB.

    After the PB, I'll probably get a Nexus, or possibly one of the Samsung or Sony slider tablets linked above.
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    07-03-13 08:27 AM
  23. Berryllium's Avatar
    Sony Xperia tablet Z LTE or Sony Xperia Z Ultra.
    07-03-13 08:58 AM
  24. Hup55's Avatar
    It's funny I own both the ipad 2 and the playbook. I gave the ipad to my girlfriend to use. I use the playbook for work and personal as I have both my office and private email on the playbook. I have also been finding I have been using my Z-10 more and more. I do miss the bridge capability the most. If they bring that back it would be a major plus. I travel with both my ipad and playbook when on business and personal trips. I haven't gave up on the playbook at all.
    07-03-13 09:11 AM
  25. Hup55's Avatar
    I bought my 64GB iPad 4 last november during Black Friday. I never looked back to PB except for one thing: flash sites. But the PB browser was losing connection to internet so easy so I gave up. My iPad and my PB in the same spot, 3/3 signal on the iPad, 1/3 signal on the PB. I do not have to say again why I bought the iPad but here's a hint: apps. Docs to go is way better on iPad.

    Today I bought a used Kindle Fire HD with 120 USD. Same form factor as the PB same display, better WiFi and more apps. I will receive it tomorrow and I will post findings if someone is interested.

    Sent from my iPad 4 using Tapatalk HD
    Hmmm I guess apple must have improved the wifi on the ipads as my playbook has much better signal strength than my ipad 2. Same spot in the house my playbook always has 2 more bars than the ipad.
    07-03-13 10:53 AM
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