1. yasirrfc's Avatar
    Okay I want to know if there keyboards will work with playbook. I can't order any other keyboards and these are the ones available inmy country at a low price.
    Logitech keyboard for ipad, targus slim keyboard for ipad, genuine luxepad, logitech k4400, apple wireless ipad keyboard.
    Please let me know if anyone has had success with these keyboards so I can buy 1 from these.
    12-23-12 07:13 AM
  2. Herve5's Avatar
    I dont' know your country, nor do I have experience with these specific keyboards, but I'd say chances are any bluetooth keyboard will be recognized by default, with its default keymapping (which presumably is QWERTY).
    The Playbook OTOH will just never allow you to change an external kayboard mapping, so if you bring a non-Qwerty keyboard the mapping obtained may be actually wrong. I had this experience with a 'localized" folding keyboard, that is only considered Qwerty and is thus unusable.
    David in Durham likes this.
    12-23-12 07:52 AM

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