1. mic8310's Avatar

    at home i use wifi for my xbox, 2 notebooks, 1 laptop, android mobiles and my old iphone. never had any issues.

    with the playbook i find the wifi cuts off occasionally which is very annoying when watching youtube (for example) and often have to refresh pages. with older BB devices i sometimes even turned wifi off as 3G was often better. so is it just blackberry thing?? the OS is the latest one on the playbook. my other concern would be if i have issue if i get a Z10...
    04-15-13 09:00 AM
  2. Cale M's Avatar
    What encryption are you using on your WiFi network? I've had nothing but trouble between BlackBerry and the WPS encrypted WiFi network at my office.

    Also -- are you Bridging? I've gone over to the Z10 side, and am using that as an excuse to no longer maintain a bridge connection between my PlayBook and phone.

    Really, on an AT&T legacy account, what's the point?

    The PlayBook seems to have gotten better about connecting now that I've stopped bridging while the Z10 is still very spotty.
    04-15-13 09:08 AM
  3. Scotter75's Avatar
    The problem lies in the router settings. The PlayBook likes 802.11g mode. Network type is WPA2 /PSK and AES Data Encryption. These are very secure settings that should not interfere with the other computer equipment. If you have a dual band router, run the PlayBook on 802.11n and on the 5.0 GHZ band. All other equipment will run on the 2.5 GHZ band. This is how I run my system and have had no problems since I made the change in early January.
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    04-15-13 09:34 AM
  4. Tsaishen's Avatar
    I had the exact same problem.... And what i did was I bought a better wireless router. The one that my Internet provider provided essentially sucked.

    I went with $60 d-link that is capable or 2.4 & 5.0 ghz signals - and put my playbooks on the 5 ghz signal.

    Problem solved.

    The wireless routers provided by most service providers are weak.... Since getting the new router i have yet to have my signal drop/cut
    04-15-13 04:11 PM
  5. purple_bb's Avatar
    I had the same issue and was convinced that if all other devices worked well, I shouldn't have to change anything on the router let alone the router itself!

    I happened to buy another PB before they get to become history on the market, and the new one is much more performent with wifi, has a better dBm signal level than the old one, and never unhooks from the network.

    I'm sending the old one for inspection of the wifi antenna or whatever component. But in the meantime, what helped a lot with the issue was deleting all saved networks on the old PB. There were about 30 and my device just got messed up searching for networks all the time, and unhooking from the home router. (If you do that and you're bridged with a phone, you need to deleted all saved networks on the phone too). Also, if I recall, keep wifi settings to saved networks instead of available networks, I think it helps...
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    04-16-13 10:16 AM
  6. Cale M's Avatar
    (If you do that and you're bridged with a phone, you need to deleted all saved networks on the phone too)
    Advice is constantly given in the form of router settings, but I remain convinced that a Bridging issue may be involved. My Playbook is happily maintaining a connection to that suspect WPS encrypted network, while the Z10 refuses to authenticate to it at all. All that has changed recently is that I dropped all attempts at Bridging.

    The PlayBook communicating on its own seems to have no trouble at the moment.
    04-16-13 10:34 AM
  7. purple_bb's Avatar
    My old PB was bridged when I had problems.

    My new PB is bridged and it works perfectly fine, I can catch the network signal at a further distance than with the older PB, and connection never drops.

    Same router, same settings, didn't change a thing. Just sayin'

    Mind you, I sort of understood from readings on CB that bridging is terrible with Z10, which is a shame, but with my 9810 it works real nicely.

    I'm waiting for a call from BB tomorrow, they're analyzing my logs, and I'll find out whether they'll take the bad PB in for repair.They had me reinstall the OS, without success.
    04-16-13 07:51 PM

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