1. xpeterpx's Avatar
    Just curious really but any issues to be expected with obtaining a wfi connection indoors between a Blackberry Playbook and Sky standard white Netgear router

    Any changing of settings expected etc..?

    02-08-12 09:27 AM
  2. artemis17's Avatar
    PlayBook seems to work best when router is set to G only mode or N & G ive seen work good too. When using WPA or WPA2 your encryption mode should be set to AES only and not AES/TKIP . In terms of wireless channel , setting to channel 11 should cause the least amount of interference with all other devices. Of course when changing any router settings always delete the wifi network off PlayBook and reconnect. Should solve nearly all hangup issues.

    I said this in another post but follow that and you should have no issues. Let me know.
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    02-08-12 09:30 AM
  3. jeffgp's Avatar
    i also have a netgear router .. love it . have no issues with it and my pb i can get it to connect to the N 5ghz but most of the time it will just default to the 2.4 im using wpa2 setting
    02-08-12 09:33 AM