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    I prefer quantity of quality apps. According to the number you plucked out of the air, the 10% of the apps in App Store (about 15000, based on 150000 iPad apps) would be quality ones. Guess how many the App World has??

    That <20 apps thing is one of the worse red herrings I've seen thrown about here. Just because the average person uses less than <20 does not mean all the other apps on the App Store are crap. Also, you're forgetting that different people have different needs and uses. The 20 apps from one person's iPad are likely to be different from the 20 apps from another person's iPad, barring the most common ones like Facebook, Twitter and what not.

    You need to stop buying products from these companies as well then:

    Acer Inc. (Taiwan)
    Amazon.com (United States)
    In 2011, Amazon and Foxconn formed a joint-design manufacturing company. The move was meant to produce an Amazon branded smartphone sometime in 2012.
    Apple Inc. (United States)
    ASRock (Taiwan)
    Asus (Taiwan)
    Barnes & Noble (United States)
    Cisco (United States)
    Dell (United States)
    EVGA Corporation (United States)
    Hewlett-Packard (United States)
    Intel (United States)
    IBM (United States)
    Lenovo (China)
    Microsoft (United States)
    MSI (Taiwan)
    Motorola (United States)
    Netgear (United States)
    Nintendo (Japan)
    Nokia (Finland)
    Panasonic (Japan)
    Philips (Netherlands)
    Samsung (South Korea)
    Sharp (Japan)
    Sony Ericsson (Japan/Sweden)
    Toshiba (Japan)
    Vizio (United States)

    Wikipedia Source

    Also, did Apple force anyone to do business with them at gunpoint?

    Depends on what you mean by "walking cash register". If you're talking about revenue from app sales in the App Store, it's a big fat nope. However, it would be true if "locking in" means each Apple product bought leads to more Apple products being bought by the same person.

    I don't usually take the time to multi-quote or respond point by point to a post, but when there's enough bullsh*t and half-truths flying around I just can't help it any longer.
    I wish I had another pair of hands...

    I'd give you four thumbs up for this post!!
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