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    i downloaded kayak to see what it was and i deleted it was uploading a pic onto this for then in the pic selecter i came a cross 50+ airline logos and country flags, so when to pictures to delete them....not ther thought that was strange so went onto files and again it wasnt ther so i plugged it into my laptop and searched every file i seen and they are just nowere to be seen, i really dont want to do a security wipe, what can i do?
    09-09-12 05:04 PM
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    Use "File Manager". I guess it's part of the OS since it's on my PB and it's not one the apps called File Manager in app world and it doesn't show on my installed list in app world. Anyhow it's the same as the standard file browser you're seeing these pics in, except that it has a pencil icon in the top right corner that lets you delete files.
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    09-09-12 05:45 PM
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    thats what i mean, its not on files on the playbook
    09-09-12 05:56 PM
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    Use Ghost Commander which is Android. You can find Kayak and delete the picture folder.

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    09-09-12 06:28 PM
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    kayak is deleted though, but the pics are left on my playbook
    09-09-12 06:39 PM
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    found kayak images thank you its gone, good app to thanks
    09-09-12 06:44 PM