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    I like the Wi-Fi files transfer between the PC and the PB. It works fine at home with access to my home Wi-Fi network.

    When I am away from a Wi-Fi network, I use my phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and use it to connect my laptop or PB. I could also transfer files between the laptop and the PB via the cell phone created Hotspot.

    I turned off my “Packet Data” and “Data Roaming” on my cell phone and still the files transfer would work. With these turned off, my cell phone would not open any web pages and have no access to the internet.

    This means:-
    When the files transfer between the devices, the files go directly to and from the devices without using the any of my cell phone data.

    Big Thanks to omniusovermind, he showed how to transfer files between the cell phone and the Playbook using Wi-Fi. I extended the use to transfer between my laptop and Playbook.
    01-18-12 03:26 PM