10-14-12 10:07 AM
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  1. BerryClever's Avatar
    I bought it because it was the cheapest tablet without Android OS on it (can't wait for BB10 so I can get rid of my Android phone!). I am glad I did now. I wanted an iPad, but since getting the PB, I tried the iPad and it just wasn't as good. The only thing I wish for is a 10in screen, but now I will wait for a PB 10in tablets before going for an iPad. To each their own, but that is why I went with the PB and now will stick with the PB... it is, for me, simply the better tablet and it will get even better in a few months!
    10-12-12 01:35 PM
  2. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Cost was the initial factor; size is perfect for always having it with you wherever you go. Lastly, it has what no one else has, Bridge.
    10-12-12 01:58 PM
  3. I am JT's Avatar
    Security, flexibility, integration, conveinience, productivity, cost. My Playbook beats all of the other tablets in these categories.
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    10-12-12 03:00 PM
  4. DC506's Avatar
    "Help, my Playbook's UI has me spoiled now. I caught myself swiping my laptop screen"

    I have used an ipad. It was nice, but it was just a bigger version of my ipod touch. I saw a deal on 32gb Playbook and thought "Why not?". What a pleasant surprise. I was so impressed with its UI, it's comfort, it's speed and it overall quality of build, that I bought 2 more.

    As for any small negatives about the Playbook....what, if any technology, doesn't have small negatives?
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    10-12-12 05:09 PM
  5. firefly2000's Avatar
    Every other tablet is just a reflection of the Ipad in some way,with there home buttons and such,but with the Playbook it's a whole new ballgame,now i can multitask in realtime and have fun doing it.
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    10-12-12 09:00 PM
  6. ryshhh's Avatar
    "Help, my Playbook's UI has me spoiled now. I caught myself swiping my laptop screen"
    I was swiping my iPod...

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    10-12-12 09:55 PM
  7. uncaringbear's Avatar
    My Playbook doesn't have a UI that relies on a stupid hardware button.

    Seriously, though, I love the UI of the PB. I don't need another of apps, but the ones I've bought so after are fantastic. The PB is reliable and I don't feel like I'm using a device that is locked down with several layers of insulation to 'protect' the user from themselves. The size is great, although my old eyes would prefer a 10" screen. I love that I can take my PB anywhere I go.

    As another commenter said, the PB gives you a desktop-like experience much my more than iPad or android.
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    10-12-12 11:33 PM
  8. itmccb's Avatar
    I'm just a fan of tech. I have one because I want one and use it because I want to. The only time I get caught up with "what suits be best" or "what x device does better than y" is with my main handset.
    10-13-12 12:49 AM
  9. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    Bridge and a Stable OS that doesn't get slower over time. It just stays fast and doesn't seem like it will ever need a wipe/format.
    10-13-12 01:12 AM
  10. greeneriko's Avatar
    So did you find your answer here?
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    10-13-12 01:43 AM
  11. jonno_atamaniuk's Avatar
    Size - The PlayBook's size (both dimensions and weight) are perfectly balanced in my own personal opinion. It's not too heavy, not too light, not too large (one of my bags which I use frequently actually wouldn't it an iPad or any other large tablet) and not too small.

    Cameras - the image quality (resolution in both photo and video through BOTH cameras) is definitely acceptable, and one of these days I may even try printing one or two just to see how they look. Any other tablet has a significant image quality difference between the front and rear cameras, to the point that the front-facing camera really is literally just a webcam, nothing at all noteworthy. This is the only front-facing camera on the market (to my personal knowledge) with printable quality images available at 3mp. It's also the only one that does 1080P in the same front-facing camera.

    Battery life - while this apparently can be hit and miss, I have found that my playbook can be used over a couple days without needing to recharge depending on how I'm using it. If I'm using it constantly, yeah I kinda need to charge it by the end of the day at the latest, but if I'm just using it casually I can often get away with letting it sit for two days.

    File transfers - moving files from my laptop to my playbook is actually as simple as being on the same Wi-Fi network. I can link to it as an external media server on the network and interface with it that way. It certainly makes file transfers significantly faster, and I don't even have to be in the same room. That said, I can also move things from my playbook to my 9810 and vice versa over bluetooth. Takes a while, but it means I don't always have to put a song on both devices, I can place it on one and then move it to the other at another point in time. Same for photos.

    Experience - the user experience with the playbook is so different from other tablets. You have true multitasking (not just "pausing" the app in the background or letting it continue to stream information in), a button-less interface (save for the external power button and the volume / play/pause keys) which allows in many cases for a more intuitive operation of the device. It is very fast, apps that are re-written into native for this platform run more smoothly than they do on Android as one developer noted (it was referred to by CrackBerry.com in one of their articles shortly after 2.0 was released and apps were able to be ported over from Android to PB OS). It's efficient, the different processes that run don't seriously tax the processor's capabilities, while still running fluidly. Even the web browser to me seems relatively zippy even over Bridge.

    Security - RIM makes their devices secure from the get-go. If I really wanted to make it even more secure, I could try and build up a home server and see if RIM would let me run BESX off it :P take advantage of Mobile Fusion and whatnot... iOS has some security holes ... Android, well.... no.... just no...

    and last but DEFINITELY not least

    BRIDGE! - If I'm a BlackBerry user (and I am), I don't need to dish out an extra few hundred dollars just to get the exact same device but with cellular radios built into it. I can, it's an option, however I don't need to. But Bridge goes beyond all that. Bridge allows me to deal with BBM messages and also text messages through my cellular phone on my Playbook (something iOS can do but not nearly as efficiently as I occasionally hear rumblings that the iMessage servers aren't always running so well?). I am notified on my playbook that I have an incoming call and shown who is calling (name and/or phone number). I can create notes over bridge to my Torch so that I have certain notes available to me offline (no need for EverNote in some cases) when I know I may not have ready access to my Playbook, and if I did happen to have ready access to it I could still look at my notes without issue, even ones I didn't create over Bridge. I can brows files on my BlackBerry, letting me pull up images from there to show off to friends and family on a larger screen. And the best use (which I would love to make use of but I don't have an HDTV nor do I have the micro HDMI cable), I can turn my PlayBook into a mini media centre server simply by plugging it in to the TV and connecting the bridge. Bridge lets me navigate the device and control it from the screen of my phone, letting me navigate not just photos or videos, but even the full web on my TV through my playbook. Something that no iDevice can currently do, and Android can't do either. I'm not ignoring iTV or the different Google TV products, but none of them offer control through a corresponding phone, nor are they useful for anything else, meaning one would have to buy three devices (TV, tablet, and phone) at a significantly higher price than just the two devices (to actually take advantage of Bridge).

    I'm not denying the shortcomings like a lack of select media apps (I'm looking at Rdio here, not netflix though I understand the desire for that) or the lack of... well... apps in general... but that will change with with the launch of BB10.

    That's my humble 2 cents worth
    10-13-12 02:14 AM
  12. SK122387's Avatar
    I use it because I like how it functions. I already have an iPod touch, so I'm familiar with iOS, and while it's fine on a smaller device, for a tablet, it's too choppy. Once you've multitasked on the PlayBook, doing anything on iOS6 feels dated and slower to accomplish.

    I'm not really a big app user, but when I do feel the need to watch Netflix, I usually watch on my MacBook or sometimes on the iPod. HBO Go works perfectly in the PlayBook's browser, and I've sideloaded Words With Friends. All the gaming I do, I do on my PlayBook. I was into Real Racing 2 on my iPod touch when I first got it, but I beat it and like with most other big name apps (Draw Something, Hanging With Friends etc.), the novelty wears off after a while. I'm just glad the functionality of the PlayBook hasn't worn off at all, but in fact has only gotten better since launch.

    And I've never seen the appeal of Android. I just don't get it. Apple makes great products and their customer service is the best (though RIM is right up there whenever I've had to do an RMA with the PlayBook). I'm probably gonna buy the new iPod touch, and I got the Retina Mac Book Pro, but when it comes to phones and tablets, I won't use anything other than devices from RIM. Neither Apple nor RIM has ever let me down or made me regret spending money on their products.

    As Android continues to broaden and fragment, I think its identity problem is only going to get worse. It seemed like Samsung's Galaxy line was leading the way interms of differentiation from the rest of the Android pack, but not with the Galaxy S III mini, and Galaxy Music, Galaxy Rugby Pro, Galaxy Express, it's just becoming more muddled. RIM didn't advertise the PlayBook enough, or do enough early on to bring the app developers, but I think with BlackBerry 10, when it comes to phones and tablets, they might have a chance to take back the market share they've lost to Android. I think a big reason people got an Android phone was because they couldn't afford an iPhone but wanted the "app"/big touch screen phone experience. If RIM does it right, they can get these people back. Android was NEVER the cool device to have. Before the iPhone, the BlackBerry was the device that EVERYONE had. I think the iPhones and every Bold series device look unique and special. I can't say the same for any Android phone. When I think about it, the PlayBook has actually been the plainest device RIM has ever made, though what it lacks in flashiness, it more than makes up for with support for Adobe Flash ( too easy), functionality and features.

    I can't even count the times since the official 2.1 launch that I've bridged my 9900 or my 9810 to my PlayBook, left the phone on the charger across the room, and just do all texts, BBMs, emails from my PlayBook. And when my phone rings and I have to get up? The PlayBook tells me who's calling and I can silence the ringer. Stuff like that is why I have faith in RIM. They literally bridged the future of their company (PlayBook/QNX) to its past (OS 7 and below device), and I, the consumer get to reap the benefits (like not paying one cent extra a month to have internet via Bluetooth on my PlayBook).
    10-13-12 03:26 AM
  13. timleary25's Avatar
    I myself am a techie guy. I like gadgets, this device worked more like a real computer than any other tablet/mobile device..
    I have turned three hard iPad user on to this device. Now they love it too...

    10-13-12 03:44 AM
  14. JakePNEFC's Avatar
    Use mine for flash. Great for football streams.
    10-13-12 06:13 AM
  15. cdnrider's Avatar
    1) Bang for the buck, cannot buy an Apple or Android for anywhere close to these prices.
    2) Size, small enough to carry everywhere. Big enough to be useful.
    3) Bridging to my BB, makes people so jealous when I just surf the net....
    4) Apps; not as good as other devices but enough apps for me.
    5) I know way more PB owners than other tablets.......

    I look forward to the new BB10 phones are released and am hopeful that it will be rolled out to the PB.
    10-13-12 06:22 AM
  16. PedroBorgas's Avatar
    I use it because it was all i could afford back then, but still, it was more expensive than some available Android tabs(tried one and it sucked in all possible ways but the apps).

    Even though i didnt had money to buy an Ipad or an Samsung Galaxy tab, i search all the of the specs of the PB, so i didnt bought it blindly, like some people do and then come here to rant about how the PB sucks...

    Right now, my only problems are just the little ones of the first world - I want the good things that i have to be even better!

    I just wanted some better speed opening mails and browsing and more apps, but the current speed and apps available are enough for what i use the PB, which is, gaming and reading!

    I will continue to use the PB over any tablet, until the PB v2 comes out
    10-13-12 06:52 AM
  17. elliott436's Avatar
    Setting aside the fact that i own a blackberry phone the specs on the playbook are great and the fact that it supports flash is a big deal being that almost all the sites use flash, it's great. The front and rear camera are awesome in my opinion, I think it stands up good against the other players in the tablet market. I would like to see rim advertise it more effectively though with cleaver and straight to the point advertising no cheesy commercials. But in my opinion i think it's a real good contender and i love it.
    10-13-12 08:13 AM
  18. zorecati's Avatar
    The user interface. That's really it.
    10-13-12 08:44 AM
  19. lockedtight's Avatar
    Multi tasking UI, and I believe the browser is much more robust than any other tablet browser I've use. That includes several android tablets.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9930 using Tapatalk
    10-13-12 09:11 AM
  20. rdonnelly's Avatar
    My main reason is BB Bridge. Other wise I would have an Android.
    10-13-12 09:40 AM
  21. BryantCarpio's Avatar
    I use my PlayBook to connect it through HDMI to my HDTV. That's they only thing I use my PlayBook for over any other tablet. I have had a MacBook Pro for many years and my company purchased an iPad for me earlier this year, and I just gave up my Bold 9900 for the iPhone 5. I miss my Bold 9900 a lot but would not give up the features that I gained in the iPhone 5 to go back to the 9900. Here is hoping the N-Series is amazing, because I would really like to have a keyboard again.
    10-13-12 09:43 AM
  22. bbmme's Avatar
    pretty much what other stated eh. For me personally it's a Blackberry!
    10-13-12 10:00 AM
  23. jaytossback's Avatar
    Now that I figured out how to side load some andriod apps, its much better than ever. I really wanted a couple of apps like NBA tv/gamepass, NFL sunday ticket, espn fantasy football. Other than that I don't care for anything else. My wife has an Ipad 3 and Iphone 4s, she loves apple so I do have access to their products.

    I got the 64gb PB for $299 while my wife's Ipad 3 16gb wifi only cost $550 at the time. So for me its more value and the PB is more flexible.
    10-13-12 12:44 PM
  24. Bakamushi's Avatar
    For every task that I can do on the playbook, I find several better apps on the Android market. Sometimes better and cheaper, sometimes even better and free.

    Then I also find many apps that don't exist for the playbook. I can travel with confidence because I can use my plane company app, my bank app, etc. I have all great apps for any kind of leisure activity you can think of, cricket, botanics, genealogy.. you name it.

    My Android apps are updated every month at least, on Playbook maybe once in a year (some not at all).

    Using apps directly on Android is way better than sideloading them on playbook. No multitasking problem. Background tasks run ok on my Android.

    And then I have on amoled screen on my samsung 7.7. I find it better when using for a long time.

    No Android dev tells me I can't have this or that in my country.

    I can use folders as I wish on Android.

    I don't feel cheated by Google or Samsung, I don't have to defend a stranded playbook against all odds, I don't need to wait for a 2013 update for everything to function properly. I am also confident that Android will still exist in the coming years.

    Last, the person to whom I had given my playbook called me a few days ago because the Yahoo account suddenly decided that the password was wrong. So I deleted the general Yahoo account, while keeping the specific mail and calendar accounts. And then it worked perfectly, not having changed the password. The kind of embarrassing bug from RIM that I never find on Android.
    Last edited by Bakamushi; 10-13-12 at 03:20 PM.
    10-13-12 02:03 PM
  25. gariac's Avatar
    Games are to be played on a PC with mouse and keyboard! I played that demo game on the Playbook and the interface was just plain weird.

    This could be a generational thing. I grew up before they had portable gaming devices. It wasn't until Doom came out that I deemed computer games worthy of my free time.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
    10-13-12 03:58 PM
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