View Poll Results: Why do our Playbooks react differently to the same updates?

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  • Software problem

    25 42.37%
  • Hardware problem

    4 6.78%
  • User error

    17 28.81%
  • Other

    13 22.03%
10-07-12 11:00 PM
28 12
  1. ute's Avatar
    And there is no way its "human error" push a radio button and walk away
    I have to say it is ridiculous that RIM can't get this right ...seriously I have no side loaded apps , no bridge , nothing strange ...and I lost all my contacts ........seriously this is unacceptable.
    all this PB does is mail and other apps loaded
    10-07-12 07:38 PM
  2. eccentricclock's Avatar
    I have never had major problems until .668. I would usually use my playbook in the morning and leave it off the charger in standby mode. After the .668 update it would drain the battery before i got home. This happened about 3-4 times before I was unable to charge the playbook again. With constant restarting, finally being able to charge it and have a proper boot up it was working again. Due to thisI kept it on the charger all the time. Then after some time I went back to normal unplugging and it seemed to hold out..

    I still use the browser heavily and am still able to crash it over and over again. Sometimes crashing it to the point that the browser won't open again or it hangs. Now the only problem I have other then the brower crashing is I use chat on the playbook and now when I open windows to chat when I hit the enter button it will not hit the send button in the chat window. Very annoying since I have to hit the button on the chat window manually which closes the keyboard.

    Other then these things I am pleased with it although I have purchased a second one I want the second one to be on the firmware before .668 ... but HOW
    10-07-12 10:34 PM
  3. Hawnz's Avatar
    It is not just RIM devices that have problems after upgrading their OS. Apple iOS devices have problems for some users but not others. I'm still on 668, which I found to be a good upgrade for me. No rush to upgrade to 2.1 because I don't use Android apps, nor do I have a BlackBerry phone.
    10-07-12 11:00 PM
28 12

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