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    For the past two weeks I am trying to get clash of clans in my playbook. It has an old OS version. Is it necessary for me to have the latest OS version to download clash of clans? If not, please help!! The snap.Bar file isn't working. Please help.
    09-19-15 02:39 AM
  2. eldricho's Avatar
    I don't think you'll have any luck of getting Clash of Clans on your playbook. The PlayBook's runtime runs Android version 2.3. On top of that, Clash of Clans isn't guaranteed to run on it at all.

    Why you don't get any software updates? Well, that is because the PlayBook has officially gotten the End Of Life status over a year ago. That means no more updates, whatsoever for it. Not now or ever. It has been completely abandoned.

    Last released OS version is I think.

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    09-19-15 02:42 AM
  3. vanrickman's Avatar
    Support has been discontinued for the PlayBook.

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    09-19-15 02:42 AM

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