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    Turned on my Playbook this morning WORKED FINE.. Used it for around two hours.. Got done using it saw that battery was down to 17% so I tapped battery icon and hit shut down... I was going to plug it in but was running late for work so I put it away in a safe place..

    Came home from work around 5pm and needed a phone number off of it so I pressed the power button.. It booted up but it showed a screen that asked me to pick a language NOT the usual PASSWORD screen.. I picked ENGLISH not thinking much about it.. The next screen that came up was the setup screen.. I pressed the power button and tapped shut down..

    Then hit power button again and it booted to the setup screen again.. I plugged in the power cord and pressed the power button and chose shut down.. Let it sit for 20 minutes the pressed power button it booted up to the chose language screen again I pressed power button again and chose shut down it is now powered off and charging..

    I am 100% certain NO one touched the playbook while I was gone I live alone plus I hid it...

    So am I screwed did I lose all my data?? I backed up my data last November just by copying my files to my computer.. But I never copied things like bookmarks and other odds and ends....
    03-21-16 07:10 PM
  2. mad_mdx's Avatar
    It is probably what you think. Happens
    03-21-16 07:45 PM

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