1. Delmeister's Avatar
    The on-screen keyboards range from the most basic to fully predictive depending on the app. Why is that? Don't they all call the same internal keyboard?
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    10-24-12 11:42 PM
  2. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    I was also wondering this. Often i wonder where the predictive text is at. And no its not when im in a password field.
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    10-25-12 12:44 AM
  3. Zildjian71's Avatar
    Hey great question!

    Must be an api choice available to the developer at the time. Some apps were made at different stages of developer tools evolution so not all apps were made with the same tools or application program interface stage of evolution. Which makes it such a bummer to see so many orphaned and abandoned apps that have never been updated to keep up with the OS and dev tools progress.

    Developers should stay current with tool advances along with OS advances and keep their apps up to date or publish their intent to abandon their apps.

    Also some ported Android apps may just not know how to call the predictive text function.

    Any way that's my $.02 worth.
    10-25-12 01:31 AM
  4. Herve5's Avatar
    may depend on the type ot text field perhaps.
    For instance, within the same GroovyNotes app, editing the title of a note raises the minimal keyboard, and editing its contents raises the predictive one.
    10-25-12 01:33 AM

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