View Poll Results: What is the MAIN reason for buying a Playbook?

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  • Price

    60 26.09%
  • Bridge Functionality

    56 24.35%
  • BlackBerry Brand and support for RIM

    77 33.48%
  • Other (please specify)

    37 16.09%
06-06-12 05:16 PM
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  1. BBplaybookJS's Avatar
    I was torn between bridge functionality and BlackBerry name, but in the end it had to be the bridge it is simply awesome, since my playbook was stolen last weekend I will have to wait till later this week to replace it. I feel like I've lost an arm
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    06-05-12 04:48 PM
  2. sjefferson21's Avatar
    Form factor, bridge capability... but mainly because of faith in RIM
    06-05-12 05:24 PM
  3. bigbmc26's Avatar
    I voted other due to the fact that I bought my PlayBook because I wanted a great tablet, it just happened to be able to bridge with my BlackBerry and had a great price.
    06-05-12 05:42 PM
  4. Haseleyman's Avatar
    Bought mine for a more portable tablet to work alongside my iPad 2, have subsequently sold the iPad as it was never getting used. Great features I didn't buy it for but subsequently use a lot:
    • HDMI - I work in professional gaming and the ability to stream twitch tv at home, on the road, at hotels etc on the biggest screens available is great.
    • Great filesystem, don't need an app to upload and download stuff unlike iToys. Can directly upload to Privatepaste, upload avatars etc.
    • Brilliant browser - I'm a HTML5 developer and the Playbook has top notch for bleeding edge web standards.
    • Battery life - I'm on my fifth hour of travel, been using the browser and music player the whole time and got 60% left. My ipad would have died by now.

    All in all, the Playbook is absolutely central to the way I work and the way I play. It has replaced my laptop in many tasks, and totally obsoleted my ipad. It's also truly portable, which matters a lot as I travel 18+ hours a week.
    'Great filesystem'?

    You have got to be kidding.
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    06-05-12 05:59 PM
  5. eckebob's Avatar
    I own an IPad and bought the PB when it was first released because I like RIM products. I have to say that I was initially disappointed due to connectivity issues with my BB however after some support desk help this was resolved. I much prefer the PB over the IPad because of its connectivity to my BB and its form factor.

    I then lost the PB on an airplane (form factor) and almost didn't buy a second because RIM would not give me the discounted promotional price one after the promotion. However this was resolved after numerous phone calls (bad customer service to loyal customers).

    Now with the new operating system I think the PB is fantastic and my device of choice when it comes to most everything. I have also noticed that the media have stopped bashing RIM on the PB because there is not much to bash anymore.
    06-06-12 12:00 AM
  6. blackberrymamba's Avatar
    Price. 299 for 64gb! Hdmi is great. Reviews showed great performance and it's true. Build quality is outstanding. Like the format factor.

    Just needs netflix app that actually streams netflix, usb otg, and a reliable offline gps app with turn by turn and I'd be happy.
    06-06-12 12:42 AM
  7. salter0151's Avatar
    Bought it for android games & apps tbh.
    06-06-12 06:15 AM
  8. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I bought (actually WON) the PlayBook because of Brand, Form Factor and Bridge, in that order. When I heard that RIM was joining the tablet market I was overjoyed and couldn't wait to get my hands on the BlackBerry tablet (had no name back then). Indeed its been a whirlwind of ups and downs, but my PlayBook is always by my side and in constant use. I wouldn't give it up for the world . Over the past year or so, I've seen the PlayBook mature and it's continued growth is remarkable . Keep up the good work RIM
    06-06-12 06:31 AM
  9. TruTexan's Avatar
    I love mine. It streams videos "cleaner" than my laptop (laptop always seems to be buffering) so I use it most of the time for my craft video tutorials. I wanted a tablet to use for note taking in meetings too and I couple the BT keyboard I bought for it with the voice recorder feature so as not to miss any notes. Love the Bridge app to read emails while I take those notes

    I guess I could get this with any tablet, but my father has stage 3 dementia and can't remember a soul after about 1984. It's nice when we get together to show him "new-to-him that day" large photos of his grandson and great-grandson. That's hard to do on a little phone for his elderly eyesight. My PB fits right in my purse so it's always with me...hard to do with that huge iPad. The pics are gorgeous and I can use the FB app to do the latest screen captures. Even if we're not in a hotspot, I can use the hotspot feature on my BB to get out on the web no matter where we are. That is just icing on the Playbook's cake.
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    06-06-12 06:44 AM
  10. chasvs's Avatar
    I was hoping the hype RIM was putting out at the time was going to be accurate. I should have known, but I was such a RIM supporter I had let my hopes blind me to the reality. Now it's just an e-mail, calendar, video sidebar device on my desk.
    06-06-12 09:49 AM
  11. recompile's Avatar
    I bought a PlayBook because my wife wanted a tablet and I wanted her to have the best tablet on the market.

    The second PlayBook was free from RIM from their February developer promotion.

    We're both completely satisfied with the product, blown away by the best-in-class tablet UI, and very pleased by the app selection.
    06-06-12 04:05 PM
  12. dennie82's Avatar
    Price 90%
    Performance 10%

    Some people voted brand and support? Pfffttt
    06-06-12 04:27 PM
  13. sjefferson21's Avatar
    Because it is a sexy beast!!
    06-06-12 05:16 PM
  14. sjefferson21's Avatar
    Price 90%
    Performance 10%

    Some people voted brand and support? Pfffttt
    I think they clicked that by mistake
    06-06-12 05:16 PM
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