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    Hi all. This is not a rant or complaint, I'm just wondering whether this problem has been mentioned before and if anyone else thinks it is a good idea.

    My parents are currently on holiday from the UK to New York for the week with their playbook. My Mam has tried to video chat me a couple of times in the past few days when she has found free wifi (and even hunted out a Starbucks just so she could connect and video chat).

    The problem is I keep missing her call. One time I was downstairs making dinner and the playbook was ringing upstairs, one time I was at work but could have still answered if I had heard my playbook in my bag, and then yesterday I was sat right next to my playbook but had Nobex radio on and didn't hear it ringing.

    It is a bit disappointing when I see on my playbook that I have a missed call and when I try to call her back, she has left Starbucks. Are there any solutions?

    I have told my Mam to email me first saying she is going to video chat (and I will get the email on my phone so can make sure I have the playbook ready), but I wondered if there was any solutions that might have been mentioned or planned with an update?

    Since my video chat is linked to my Blackberry ID, could RIM not send an automated email informing that there was a missed call? Since my phone is connected to my BBID, I could then receive the email on my phone and go get my playbook to video call back straight away. Or if my playbook and blackberry phone are bridged, a notification could be displayed on my phone either while someone is trying to video call me or if I have missed the call.

    If anyone has heard or a solution to this, or any other ideas in future updates, please let me know.

    Oh and I did manage to video chat my parents back yesterday. My mam found an open wifi near Ground Zero and showed me what it looked like (she couldn't get too near to it as the signal was weak, but at least I saw a bit of it!!).
    09-16-12 01:21 AM
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    I think you have the solution already, just keep your cell bridged to the Playbook while your mom is away. That's what I will do, and keep the PlayBook near at all times.
    09-16-12 06:59 AM
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    playbook in my bag.
    PB in a bag??....I will be reporting you to the BlackBerry Abuse Centre forthwith!

    All joking aside, I think you have a good idea. Perhaps the BB phone could ring as well just like the PB lets you know when a phone call is coming through on the phone.

    Or the ringer on the PB needs to be louder........(to be heard from inside a bag)
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    09-16-12 11:23 AM
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    Haha yes the playbook is kept in my bag but don't worry....it has the journal case on it too! I learnt my mistake when I left my old Blackberry in my bag and my house keys scratched the screen!

    I don't really want to have the volume extremely loud on the playbook as it will beep everytime I get an email, and this will cause problems at work. I think either an alert on a bridged phone or an email if a call has been missed would be the best idea. Now...who is going to pass this idea onto RIM for us?!
    09-16-12 12:16 PM
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    Why can't my playbook email me when I have missed a video chat
    Because your PlayBook doesn't like you very much.
    09-16-12 04:17 PM
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    Why can't my playbook email me when I have missed a video chat
    Because your PlayBook doesn't like you very much.
    Haha you are probably right there! I do put it through it's paces every day. Maybe I have peed it off and it is being awkward by making me miss video calls?
    09-17-12 01:50 PM