1. enzo07i's Avatar
    Please share if you have angry bird.swf or angry bird.bar with unlocked or unlock-able levels, I already finished sideloaded angry bird.bar and angry bird.swf from chrome browser, but only the 1st level, I wish I can play the remaining levels without the need of internet [offline],,,,,Thanks in advance
    01-16-12 03:01 AM
  2. kennyliu's Avatar
    Sorry but I don't think you can post such a request for a paid app.
    01-16-12 03:25 AM
  3. a33a's Avatar
    I believe if you purchase Angry Birds from AppWorld; it should be playable offline. If you can't access AppWorld because of regional restrictions, then you can use a Proxy based in the US (or an alternative country).
    01-16-12 05:00 AM
  4. barskin's Avatar
    Say, I bought mine from app world. Am I supposed to be able to play anything besides Poached Eggs?
    01-16-12 09:04 AM
  5. slalom's Avatar
    ....and if you know how to side load a good fart app, the playbook will then be better than a iPad2
    01-16-12 09:27 AM