08-20-12 11:15 AM
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  1. Lasoya's Avatar
    I just bought another one for my dad's birthday the other day. They had a sale at FutureShop for $149.99 for the 16gb wifi model, but I got it for $139.99 cause it was open box. It is a steal at this price.

    Staple's also has a sale going on today only at $159.99 for the 16gb model.
    08-19-12 01:14 PM
  2. EdY's Avatar
    At these prices it is a steal!

    I have 2 already and convinced a bunch more people I know to buy them.

    There are so many quality apps that it would meet the needs of 99% of people! So what if Angry Birds costs a few bucks, you SAVE so much on the tablet you can AFFORD to actually pay for some software!

    (like my 99 cent Talking Alarm Text Clock Pro - shameless plug here)

    Seriously, everyone I know who buys a tablet does basically 4 things on it (and most don't even do 2)....

    1. browse web
    2. play movies/music
    3. check email
    4. play some games

    Playbook has so far exceeded my needs so well, heck, I use it to give Powerpoint presentations to THOUSANDS using just a simple HDMI cable output to a projector and my phone as a Bridge remote!

    I love the Playbook! It is the best kept secret in the world!!!

    For the sake of RIM, I just wish it wasn't such a secret!

    I make sure everyone I know sees me using it, it is glued to me like my phone, and I make sure when I do presentations that my "splash screen" says "Powered by Blackberry Playbook" so many people can see how good it is also!

    I hope I have done my small part to "let the secret out". :-)

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    08-19-12 01:31 PM
  3. dmlis's Avatar
    I continue to watch Playbooks on Ebay. And I buy whenever I see prices below my target levels, which are today $150-170 per 16GB, plus $30/32GB, plus $50/64GB.
    08-19-12 02:00 PM
  4. robtanz's Avatar
    Damn. Sold out on FS and BBuy online. I was thinking of picking another one up for my youngest.

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    08-19-12 02:20 PM
  5. cajualaddict's Avatar
    I just picked up a 16g pb at best buy. Amazing price so i got it as an alarm clock and using it as my travel pb not as worried about losing or dropping it. Today, almost left my 64g pb at the restaurant.
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    08-19-12 02:20 PM
  6. Five50What's Avatar
    Last week, I traded my 42" Westinghouse LED HDTV for a brand new sealed-in-box 64GB PlayBook.
    Im lovin' it.(and I ain't talking bout mcdonalds)
    08-19-12 02:46 PM
  7. Five50What's Avatar
    By the way...I'll be selling a 64GB PlayBook on the CrackBerry Marketplace, soon as I hit 50 posts.
    You can PM me for further details about the future transaction.
    08-19-12 02:49 PM
  8. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    Just picked up my 3rd playbook for the house. A 64gb with the sweet deals at best buy with $50 accessory pack for a total of $320 bucks. Now my wife and I will have 64 gigs to play with and my daughter's (age 10 and 12) get her 16gb.

    The unit is just too sweet for Internet, gps, email, organizer, games, apps, movies and music... You absolutely can't go wrong at that price. If you think otherwise you're way to picky!

    I'm setting it up this weekend.
    08-19-12 03:10 PM
  9. GTiLeo's Avatar
    I bought my girlfriend a 32gig wifi on friday. So far she can put it down. But she couldn't put mine down whenever I bring it over lol
    08-19-12 03:32 PM
  10. _BB10_'s Avatar
    I also just ordered a Music Gateway directly from BlackBerry and can't wait for it to arrive. Looks like a pretty slick little companion to the PB or any NFC/Bluetooth enabled device.

    I'll throw a review up as soon as I get it.
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    08-19-12 05:03 PM
  11. Canuck671's Avatar
    Glad you decided to keep your PBs. :-). I've been contemplating getting my mom and dad a 16GB PB so they can video chat with the kids. If any retailer is selling new ones for $150, I might jump on it. It is truly a great tablet and will only get better with OS 2.1 and eventually BB10.
    Just picked up my third PB. 150.00 for the 16GB. This one will be my app builder/tester.

    be nice to have one to test things on, instead of the simulator, or crashing up my 64GB.

    at 150.00 why would they not just fly off the shelves, esp, BB10 coming for them..
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    08-19-12 07:00 PM
  12. _BB10_'s Avatar
    Just picked up my third PB. 150.00 for the 16GB. This one will be my app builder/tester.

    be nice to have one to test things on, instead of the simulator, or crashing up my 64GB.

    at 150.00 why would they not just fly off the shelves, esp, BB10 coming for them..
    One word: marketing.

    No one knows about the PB or if they do they only know it by the the horror stories they read about. The retail stores aren't pushing it and the only tablet marketing I have seen is for the iPad 3 and the Nexus. RIM's only marketing of the product is here on CB by us. But obviously, the masses don't even know about CB and in general are not as enthusiastic about tech as we are.

    Dollar for dollar, there is not a better deal on any piece of technology on the market today. Just feel good you yourself got a steal of a deal.
    08-19-12 07:15 PM
  13. JGoodard's Avatar
    I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. I love this device as a media and entertainment tablet. Over the last month, however, I have become sold on the Playbook being a serious professional tablet and decided to go ahead and buy one. The price was just too good to pass up ($220 for 32 GB model).

    This device has exceeded my expectations for the overall quality of the product. The build is solid and the OS is an entirely different creature compared to the standard mobile OS of both Apple and Google.

    The multitasking in this OS (2.0) is for real and is an absolute pleasure, as I have discovered when seamlessly switching between apps with the finger swipes. Android Honeycomb on my Samsung Tab won't rock your world, but it has been entirely serviceable. In contradistinction to Android, I find the user experience on the Playbook OS to be refreshingly intuitive and this really shows when using the browser, native email, and an MS Office compatible suite I purchased.

    The sole headscratcher is that the Playbook does take a long time to boot, odd. I don't like that. Of course, the OS is on a different level of capability compared to Android and iOS, which I believe to be the underlying reason.

    My thoughts after one week of usage of the Playbook and browsing the App store on the Blackberry website are as follows:

    1. This tablet really is meant to be used as a productivity tool. The stability of the OS combined with the way the software is designed to interact with the user allow me to concentrate entirely of the task at hand, whereas Honeycomb on my Samsung Tab always intrudes on my user experience through certain UI-shall we say-shortcomings. Totally different with the Playbook.

    As an example, as a business software student at a vocational school, I find a serious need for a mobile MS Office compatible solution and the tablet form-factor is the perfect answer. There are good apps available for Android and I have some of those installed on my Galaxy Tab. The Honeycomb OS, while fine for simple things like blasting music or basic web surfing, immediately becomes a distraction while running task heavy apps (or browsing the web intensely on the stock browser).

    The Playbook OS, OTOH, does not distract me while running a spreadsheet or word-processor app. Obviously, heavy work is performed on the laptop, but it's great to have a tablet to do the more basic stuff while simultaneously enjoying non minding bending tasks. ;0)

    2. RIM missed the mark when introducing the Playbook by focusing on the general consumer market where the business, private, and govt. sectors should have been the initial focus.

    The clearest example here is the app ecosystem, or lack thereof. I knew what I was-and was not-getting when I purchased this tablet. Best in class UI, limited apps. But here the potential consumer should take a closer look at the apps currently available. Quantity and variety is minuscule, yes; but there are high quality apps available to complement and improve upon all the core capabilities of both the hardware and OS components of the Playbook.

    Of course, there must be more variety in the selection of apps and there must be more development overall to allow for the playbook to be a viable option in the genral consumer market. This must be a tablet that can meet the needs of any and all potential consumers. My Galaxy Tab pales in comparison to Apples iOS owing to the relative lack of apps. Still, I have a suit of language programs, dictionaries, and other assorted oddball apps (in addition to multiple language versions of the Bible, including original language editions) installed on that particular device that are not currently available for the Playbook.

    Sure, user base determines apps. RIM is still in a position to market this tablet, even at this late date.

    3. This product promises to keep on delivering and only get better. I am impressed by RIM's commitment to the Playbook in addition to developing BB 10. Again, while I love my Galaxy Tab for what it does, I have no illusions about the limitations of the OS and Samsung's objectives with such devices. Quality product, but a purchase that rapidly has to be supplemented beacuse the stock Android OS rapidly becomes abandoned and the fact that Samsung, as with all other Android providers, just doesn't do much in the way of OS support. A consumer limitation of using Android OS. Unfortunate, but tolerable.

    In comparison, RIM's "slow updates" for Playbook,which are endlessly mocked, actually exist. Want the latest Android OS? Well, you're most likely going to have to purchase a new device....and immediately beging hunting for yet another one.

    4. I LOVE showing off this device and it's capabilities. The Apple users in my circles grudgingly acknowledge their respect for the OS. They continue to snicker...but I got 'em with the "tip of the hat"!

    5. I admire Apple's products, I'm not a fanboy. But seriosly, for the same reason I own Samsung Galaxy devices, I purchased this Blackberry device-there has to be consumer choice other than Apple. Apple just fleeces the consumer with harware limitation and outrageous pricing.
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    08-19-12 11:49 PM
  14. suzicat's Avatar
    Found a Micro Center in Santa Clara, CA. Making a trip down there soon.
    I was thinking about going there until I just saw this:
    Micro Center Santa Clara

    Dear Valued Santa Clara Customer:

    The staff of Santa Clara Micro Center and our entire company appreciates having you as a Customer, and we sincerely thank you for your ongoing business.

    It is therefore very difficult to announce that our Santa Clara store closed for normal business on Monday, July 23rd. We are very disappointed with the unsuccessful attempts to negotiate an economically viable extension of our store lease, and we deeply regret not being able to fully serve you going forward.
    08-20-12 12:43 AM
  15. _BB10_'s Avatar
    I was thinking about going there until I just saw this:
    Micro Center Santa Clara
    Crap! Thanks for the heads up. I'll look around to see what alternatives I have because I still have at least another 2 PlayBook purchases in me and always looking for the best deal!
    08-20-12 12:54 AM
  16. B3hindBlueEyes's Avatar
    Bought mine a few weeks ago at GBP149 for the 32gig from PC World. They seemed to run out of stock shortly afterwards, but appear to have had further deliveries since then.

    Removing the 20% VAT (sales tax) and converting to USD in google gives a reasonably competitive US$195 for the 32gig model. They have the 16gig at equivalent of US$169.

    Also picked up the folio case and rapid charger for about GBP40 combined.
    08-20-12 06:06 AM
  17. rexrim's Avatar
    just bought a new set 16GB playbook wifi for my uncle yesterday bridge too awesome currently no need a 4G playbook
    08-20-12 08:01 AM
  18. mnhockeycoach99's Avatar
    I just picked up a 16GB for the wife yesterday at Futureshop for $149. The sale is ongoing until Sept 6!
    Thanks. I'm in the US. Does Futureshop ship to the US? Shopblackberry has 16GB PBs for 179 ($20 off from the $199).. which still isn't a bad deal. Maybe I'll pick another one up.
    08-20-12 08:25 AM
  19. BBMessiah's Avatar
    I just bought mine (16GB) used for $65 from a guy on Clist who didnt know what it was. I have been happier than a pig in slop every since. Its the only tablet I own that I really love and carry everywhere I go. If I breaj this one I will litterally get up from wherever I am and go to the store and buy one new one in the box. Now that I know what it is and what it means to me. I would pay about 300 for a new one if i had to.
    08-20-12 11:15 AM
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