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    In the Pictures app, I can see all the pics I've taken or downloaded to the PB, plus some wallpaper. But in EasyCrop, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others show up. Some are obviously linked to music files, others to the internet (even though I cleared the cache), others I have no idea where they came from. Since they take up lots of room, I'd love to get rid of them but they don't show up in any other app I have and Easycrop doesn't allow for deleting files. Any suggestions?
    09-07-12 11:41 AM
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    Sounds like the app is scanning the entire file-system available. However, some pics may be cached from your browsing, but I suspect a lot more may be actually resources used by other apps... So to delete them would screw up other apps.

    Not to mention, even with a file browser or even hooked up to PC with USB, you may find the directory and files... but then not have deletion permissions!

    There is no way I can see how to get access to all files unless you "jailbreak" it with rootkit access and gain full control rights.

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    09-07-12 12:27 PM
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    FWIW, you're going to have this problem using any native photo editor. The pics are likely associated with some app(s) or are cached images from somewhere. You might try clearing the browsers cache to see if that helps. You could find out the pics name that you want to crop and then do a search witin the browser that pops up to load pics. But probably the easiest thing to do is dump "easy crop" and install one of the android editors. "Photo Editor Ultimate Free" is one, is free, and is available in app world. It will allow you to crop pics fairly easily plus perform various other edits. Its advantage is that it will give you access to you PB's file system, rather than throwing a thousand thumbnails at you to then search for a particular pic. Its main disadvantage is that its associated file browser will only show you pic names- no thumbnails. However, if you install another app, Ghost Commander (free in app world), which is an android file browser that does show thumbnails for pics (the size of its thumbs can be adjusted in settings) you can navigate in Ghost to the folder your pic resides in, the find the thumbnail for it, and then when you tap on the thumb a dialogue will open, asking which app you want to use to open the pic. Choose Photo Editor Ultimate, and the pic will then open in the Photo Editor app. It sounds a bit complicated, but after you do it a few times its actually pretty easy.
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    09-07-12 01:49 PM
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    I discovered the same problem, and traced a lot of them to apps (primarily sideloaded Android apps like The Wall Street Journal) that didn't delete old images in the seven-day rolling update. The App World Score Mobile app also saves images of the logos of every sports team and league that is available on that app. I did find that by connecting to IE, I could find them and delete those associated with apps. A good file manager program on the Playbook can do the same.
    09-07-12 02:36 PM