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    Here is a quick and painful scenario. Using Desktop Manager, performed a synch of WAY too many pictures from my PC to playbook. Decided to re-synch and remove the great whack of pictures. Sync appearead to work fine and all the picture files were removed.

    However, the thumbnails DB must still be on the playbook as I can still see all the thumbnails but when I click on them, each picture zooms up and then displays the broken file image. Try as I might I cannot get rid of the thumbnails through the UI or through the file system via Air Browser. Any Ideas?

    Behavious is the same on 2.0.358, 2.1. 840 and 2.1 1032.

    Exasperating. any help would be appreciated

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    10-03-12 03:05 PM
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    Fixed !

    Sadly the workflow that fixed it is unknown. Either the hard reset or deleting a camera picture did it.

    Leaning toward the hard reset!

    Now to sync a reasonable # of photos to the PB
    10-04-12 06:44 AM
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    It PROBABLY was the restart - that gives the pb a chance to accomplish some housekeeping/housecleaning of its various indexes.
    10-04-12 09:23 AM