1. banjoguy's Avatar
    Hello all, I was wondering if someone would be able to help me reconnect with my email account. I had initially setup my playbook/Mac to get mail from my hotmail account using Rogers as my ISP.

    When I moved to a new town I had to unsubscribe to Rogers and go with COGECO. Now I have seemed to have lost my Email and Contact capabilities with my playbook. I went to settings/accounts and all I get is a frozen screen showing the little unspinning circle, the edit box is greyed but I can't seem to do a thing with it. When I go to contacts the little circle this time just keeps spinning around. Anyone experience this and if so how did you fix it .... I was considering doing a wipe but would rather not go that route but I'm not sure what to do.....thoughts....
    07-11-12 02:52 PM