View Poll Results: Where did you buy your PB?

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  • Online

    69 42.59%
  • In Store

    77 47.53%
  • Multiple PBs, from both

    16 9.88%
06-08-12 07:10 PM
67 123
  1. hurds's Avatar
    Simple question.

    Where did you buy your PB.

    Online? or in store?
    06-06-12 11:12 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    I got mine online.
    06-06-12 11:45 PM
  3. jakeslu's Avatar
    Staples, bought for $204 for 16GB Playbook and a case.
    06-07-12 12:33 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Both in store - Best Buy and Office max.
    06-07-12 12:38 AM
  5. FSeverino's Avatar
    i bought all 3 of mine online.

    32gb for myself and 32gb for my brother from
    64gb w case/dock/hdmi from
    06-07-12 12:49 AM
  6. anthogag's Avatar
    I bought my 16 GB pb at Staples
    06-07-12 01:47 AM
  7. hurds's Avatar
    I got 2 from The wait was forever. But that was when there was the orginial price drop to 199 for 16G.
    06-07-12 02:15 AM
  8. madman0141's Avatar
    Bought my 64gig about a month after launch and paid full price!!!!!!!
    06-07-12 04:52 AM
  9. lcjr's Avatar
    Got mine on
    06-07-12 05:27 AM
  10. homer1475's Avatar
    First 16gb model I bought at best buy, second 32gb unit I bought from shop.blackberry, third 64gb unit I bought from

    Niece inherited the 16gb, wife got the 32, and I now have a 64.
    06-07-12 06:04 AM
  11. ms monster's Avatar
    Ordered 64gb from BB (of course)-Best Buy store a week before launch
    06-07-12 06:17 AM
  12. dan_dollar's Avatar
    Please which is the best online store to get a playbook that reduces the chances of it being faulty on arrival, as I might not be able to return due to my country of origin if it happens to be faulty?
    06-07-12 06:43 AM
  13. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    Amazon UK (
    06-07-12 07:03 AM
  14. GreyGhostRos's Avatar
    Ebay india.. easiest way to get the size you want (i wanted 32 gigs) .. The blaackberry stores near me seemed to have only 64 gbs ..
    06-07-12 07:07 AM
  15. manofice1's Avatar
    @ Bestbuy on launch day
    06-07-12 07:27 AM
  16. DrJay1's Avatar
    Office Depot (16GB, 64GB and cases).
    06-07-12 08:10 AM
  17. rcm1301's Avatar
    Bought 2 new 32GB models online at 1SaleADay for $219 each. They had tablet sale, otherwise on that site, you can navigate to BensOutlet link where they are permanently availalble for $229.
    06-07-12 08:17 AM
  18. kvndoom's Avatar
    32GB Online from Amazon.
    06-07-12 08:19 AM
  19. bembol's Avatar
    Except for my 46" Samsung D630 HDTV/HomeTheater, I bought all my Toys using kijiji.
    06-07-12 08:21 AM
  20. know.nothing's Avatar
    got mine used from kijiji
    06-07-12 09:39 AM
  21. Harryl6134's Avatar
    Best Buy on 2/23/2012...for $199...vs. $179+shipping for refurbished unit.
    06-07-12 12:57 PM
  22. Sprawl's Avatar
    Picked mine up during the Telus firesale for 149.99, but from Walmart.

    Telus was sold out. Went to Best Buy, Futureshop, office Depot, Bell and Roger's stores. None of them would price match. All had excuses why.

    Went to walmart. The lovely manager listened to the excuses they all gave and laughed. She told me that if they're going to make B.S. excuses, at least make ones that were reasonable. She then told me she had a playbook and it was a fantastic device and that she would be more than honoured to get me one for the 149.99 pricetag.

    Would have hugged her if it were appropriate!
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    06-07-12 01:22 PM
  23. Laridae's Avatar
    Staples, bought for $204 for 16GB Playbook and a case.
    I got mine at Staples too. Got the 32GB version for $250 and they threw in a charging stand and case. (Stand would have been more useful with USB and HDMI plugs on it too)
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    06-07-12 01:39 PM
  24. shemaree09's Avatar on Ebay

    32gb for $199 free shipping.

    Couldn't resist
    06-07-12 01:43 PM
  25. mdmullis's Avatar
    First 32 gig was at Product launch at Best Buy retail store in Atlanta GA USA ($599.00)then when price dropped bought 2 more, one 16 gig and one 32 gig at $199.00 and $249.00 at Best Buy retail store, then went online to CraigsList Atlanta and picked up another 32 gig PB for $179.00 new from Seller who received as a Gift at work but needed Cash instead - was unopened "new" Product.

    Accessories have all been purchased at or Blackberry
    Leather book Binder Cases, Car 12V power connectors, Mini-keyboard, and etc....

    And loads of Free and Paid Software including Sideloaded Apps with Utility

    06-07-12 01:59 PM
67 123