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    I would like to know if someone knew where to buy the original battery of PlayBook? And how to replace it? I mean like, do we need a special tool or what?

    I have two officemates who happen to be impressed with my PlayBook during my demonstration to them. Don't know why, but I was being honest to them about the PlayBook i.e. pros and cons, but they seems to be seriously interested and they bought two 32GB's (since they cannot find 64GB like mine). But anyway, the two units they bought were 2nd hand units. And we've notice that their unit's batteries are easily draining compare with mine - not to mention too that I have so many paid APPS than them and I used most of them.

    This probably now the disadvantage of buying a 2nd hand PlayBook considering its released last year.

    Anyway, where they can buy original PlayBook battery? They have already contacted the nearest BlackBerry center but they were told that they are not selling (or no longer selling) accessories for PlayBook such as battery.

    Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks.
    07-14-12 04:00 AM
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    I never opened my PB, so i dont know about the battery swaping, but,till they know, they can buy the cradle, which enables them to charge the PB easily, making it usable at the same time.

    And for apps, try sideloading

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    07-14-12 04:23 AM
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    Battery swapping is a pretty lengthy affair, all that is required is a pry tool and a phillips screwdriver. There are several clips on YouTube on how to go about it.
    07-14-12 05:43 AM
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    Before opening up the PBs to replace their batteries, why don't you install Battery Guru from app world to check the battery status. The issue may be something else that a wipe and OS reinstall might cure.
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    07-14-12 06:24 AM
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    depends what you consider as original because
    they come from a different producer - ATL 33558B5.
    RIM wraps them in foil and makes them look posh and
    more expensive because they probably will sell them only
    with the small control boards.

    if you can manage to get the ATL one (easy in the States and
    Asia) you solder the old ones off from the control board
    and solder the new one on (red arrow) .

    either way the replacement will be a very tough job!
    the original ones are attached with a very very sticky tape.
    its an awful job to get them off because of a high risk of
    breaking the screen below due to friction.
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    07-14-12 12:48 PM
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    Thanks to all inputs... yeah, we already have seen the one posted in youtube... and both guys are willing to take the risk that is why they are now looking store selling BlackBerty PlayBook original battery.. they have already calibrated the battery and used the Battery Guru Apps (comparing with mine) that is why they are sure that the main problem is the battery itself... they found a China version battery but they were hesitant to buy it because of uncertain quality standard... I was also becoming interested to buy a spare (as long as it is original) since this surely will be one of future hardware problem...

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    07-14-12 02:25 PM