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    Hi all

    My wife wanted an ipad for christmas but now that angry birds has come to playbook, and she has a blackberry, I have convinced her playbook is best and will continue to get better.

    I have checked out the 32g but the price is quite high at 600. I saw them for around 300 about a week ago. Can anyone help find the best price please? I live near hamilton

    12-21-11 08:54 PM
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    wait until boxing day and grab a 32gb model for $299. Or grab one off kijiji/craigslist.

    Or PM me. I have a 16gb unit secured from a craigslist buyer for $220. I just got one from another person so I dont need the other playbook. I live in Hamilton.
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    12-21-11 09:04 PM
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    12-21-11 09:40 PM