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    Okay, at the risk of getting hate mail, or being called a complete ...I'm just going to ask this...
    I've included a screen shot of my device. Can someone please tell me what I've got? I thought is was the regular Beta OS - but I seem to have things running that are only running (I think?) on PS's with Dingleberry...? I don't.
    Thanks for any help. LOVE my PB and it's running great (minor blip yesterday, but removed what I felt was causing problem and today- perfect)- I'm just not sure what it's on, and what I need to upgrade, downgrade.?
    PS: also included a shot (just removed my personal name on email) of my working icloud email. Couldn't get gmail to work, but this one works great. No audible notifications though)
    Just snapped these pics of my phone as I'm not sure how to do this from PB yet
    01-03-12 02:30 PM
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    swipe down from the top right, tap the gear, tap about, then general. The third line down will be your OS ver.
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    01-03-12 02:36 PM
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    That looks like the Android Player, which is part of the OS2 dev beta, altho several icons are questionable. Did you sideload some stuff?

    Also, to take a screen shot with the PB, press the Vol+ and Vol- buttons at the same time. For security reasons, it may not work when you are bridged. If so, locking the bridge will allow it.
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    01-03-12 02:38 PM
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    Thanks- yes, I have seen this ( I am just not really understanding the navigation between the 2 different systems? Do they combine? Everything (well, most)do a lot of steps. Not complaining- just wondered if I had totally left out something crucial. Email for instance, with icloud works great, contacts with gmail, or adding account- a no go...
    01-03-12 02:46 PM
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    Yikes! TYPO!!!
    meant to type:
    01-03-12 02:47 PM
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    Here's the weird thing... Again, not complaining, very happy, just confused.
    I never bridged it. I have an iPhone, a PC, and a PB. I added an email account on one of the accounts (2 were offered- 1 worked). Tried to add gmail first- wouldn't work. Tried iCloud. Bingo. At first though, couldn't actually view inbox messages- automatically corrected itself. Works awesome there. Even contact, but they are contained there and not available to view anywhere else.
    I don't think I installed any programs...? I did install Go Launcher, eBay, Pandora. They were offered here and I followed that BAR link

    01-03-12 02:53 PM
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    Want also to apologize for terrible typing. Broke my arm and hand pretty badly. Had 2 surgeries this past month and typing w/ cast is a bummer
    01-03-12 02:57 PM
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    I tried taking a photo with volume buttons- nothing
    I can take a photo using the camera? Just don't know how to send? Have never attached anything from my email there?
    01-03-12 03:01 PM
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    If you get any picture on your computer (pb would be similar), in this REPLY box on Crackberry, are those little icons - tap the paperclip and it will open a new window or tab and allow you to point at the file for attachment (browse) and then upload it.

    Sometimes you may have to use the Advance Reply.
    01-03-12 04:08 PM