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    Ok so here is a survey-like post to display what's on your Playbook. I have found much usability with my Playbook in these 8 months that I've had it and I believe I found a perfect balance between using it with my curve 9350 and Samsung Series 3 laptop.

    for this thread, post the apps you have for certain categories:
    Productivity/school apps
    Music/Tv/media apps
    weird/fun/guilty pleasure apps
    And last but not least your 3 MUST HAVE apps (can include any listed previously)

    (plus any other apps you might not be able to categorize)

    Mine are
    Games: Sonic 4 ep 1, Run in Crowd, Pew Pew, Angry Birds Space, Popcorn Rush, Frisbee Forever, Plants vs Zombies, Bubble Birds, and Earth and Legend

    Productivity/school apps: Docs to Go, Print to go (very useful for my online lectures), Wikipedia, Groovy Notes, Adobe Reader, PDF Creator free, Air Browser, Poynt, News Republic

    Music/Tv/media apps: PicShop Lite, Bluelist Playlist, TouchUp Lite, Tablet TV Free, Slacker, Nobex Radio, Relaxbook Nature (its like a headache and restless killer), Youtube, Podcasts

    Fun/weird/guilty pleasure apps: Scrapbook, Book Reader by Untangled Dev, Fanfiction Reader, PaintBook, Comix on the go, Piano

    ScoreMobile- I love this app, have it on my phone too. Best way to keep track of my favorite teams with news, standings, stats etc. (Bulls, White Sox, Saints, Bears, Thunder, Lakers)

    Book Reader by Untangled Dev: PSA RIM needs to have them as a default and integrated app for BB10. Great customization, supportive developer, epub and Kindle books, smooth, only 99 cents and blows the kobo app out of the water.

    Print to Go: So useful for school. I am able to transfer my online lectures right to my PlayBook so I can read them comfortably, can sort things into folders (I wish the native file manager app was like this) and just overall a brilliant addition that brings my PlayBook even more functionality

    Other apps are Crackberry, N4BB, weather, Amazon, and basically the rest of the native apps.
    08-29-12 01:37 PM
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    I'll bite.

    I bought a used 16GB in August, returned it to BlackBerry due to WIFI issues and now have a brand new model.

    So far, loving it's portability and battery life. Using it mainly to stream video from my media library on my laptop, read ebooks (and comics), and entertain my kids.

    Games - Cut the Rope, Gravity Lab, Galaxy on Fire, Alchemy, Papa's Burgeria
    Productivity/school apps - Docs 2 Go, Dropbox, Groovy Notes, Qpdf Viewer, Blackberry Bridge
    Music/Tv/media apps - TVersity, Moon+ Reader Pro, Kindle, Comic Look
    weird/fun/guilty pleasure apps - Biorhythm, Playstation Emulator

    3 MUST HAVE apps - Moon + Reader Free (or Pro), Docs 2 Go(Excel), Blackberry Bridge

    A few tricks: was able to sideload a few android apps using a simple program called PB-Installer, and also have saved numerous small flash games so they can be played with or without WIFI. Dice Wars, Urban Planning, Railway Valley to name a few. With TVersity installed on my laptop, I am able to stream media off of my media drive to both my XBOX and my playbook. Works beautifully.
    09-05-12 01:24 PM
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    And lot of finger prints and what looks like ( I hope ) a coffee stain.
    Couldn't resist.
    09-05-12 02:51 PM
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    Leather carrying case that doubles as viewing stand and a screen protector. Ba Da Bing!
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    09-05-12 03:16 PM
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    -Asphalt 6
    -Run in crowd
    -Modern Combat HD
    -NFS Undercover (dont play it)
    -Berzerk Ball
    -Angry Birds space
    -Fruit ninja slash
    -Adventure Ball
    -Oh the huge manitee
    -Radiant Defense
    -THK live
    -Dead Space
    -Tank hero
    -Angry Birds Seasons
    -Angry Birds HD
    -Lets Golf 2
    -N.O.V.A 2
    -Angry Birds Rio
    -Lonely Turret lite
    -Snuggle Truck
    -Vector Stunt
    -Brain Cube HD
    -Balloon blast

    -RIGID Digital level app
    -Docs to go
    -Weather Eye
    -Print to go
    -Google maps
    -Compass pro
    -Iron hunter
    -Flight aware
    -BB bridge

    -Youtube app
    -Tablet HD TV
    -Nobex Radio
    -Photo studio
    -breaking bad

    -Nyan Cat
    -Police Scanner 2
    -iSpeech Obama
    -iSpeech translator
    -Calc my age
    -PB Piano
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    On my work PB - all my files. Its became my backup folder which is handy because I can access all my ecel files on the go.

    On my just for me PB lots of games tv shows and movies.
    09-05-12 05:46 PM
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    Too many to list. I have over 300 apps.
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    09-05-12 05:48 PM
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    Mostly documents/pdfs and reports. I work on them on the go. Amazing device and the size is perfect. I have like 4 apps lol.

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    09-05-12 05:49 PM
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    Too many to list. I have over 300 apps.
    Well, you're in a great position to give the rest of us a top 3 in each category then. Or, you could take the opportunity to point out some apps and games that many of us might not have even heard of, and promote you favourite developers. Someone mentioned biorhythm, which I'd never heard of, and went and checked out.

    Sparkle. Fantasy Islands. Super sudoku (side loaded). Words w friends (side loaded). Blackmatter.

    Productivity/School apps:
    Docs to go. My File Manager. Groceries Made Easy. Color Notes 10. Browser.

    Music/TV/Media apps:
    CBC News. Al Jazheera. ScoreMobile. Nobex Radio. Music.

    Weird/Fun/Guilty pleasures:
    Stellarium. PaceMaker. Caustic. Nodebeat. MorphWiz-Play.

    Must have:
    -Fantasy Islands. Sparkle. MorphWiz-Play.
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    09-06-12 12:26 AM
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    Apps, Music & Videos.. Bridge.
    09-06-12 01:45 AM