1. 03sho's Avatar

    I bought a playbook over the Xmas period and have been experiencing problems with standy mode.

    Here's the problem.

    I check the battery and it's at 90% so I put it in standby mode and go to bed. I wake up the next day to wake it from standby mode and nothing happens. I swipe the screen and hold down the power button. Nothing. The only way to switch on the system is to plug in the wall charger. As soon as I plug that in I get a red light for 10 seconds, then I get a blnking green light followed by a red light. After all this the playbook then switches on and my battery is roughly the same as when I left it.

    This isn't just a one off as I have experienced this many times.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    01-05-12 06:59 AM
  2. cgull's Avatar
    How are you swiping to wake it? I go from top right diagonally and it does fine.
    01-05-12 07:03 AM
  3. robsteve's Avatar
    Make sure you swipe form bezel to bezel, starting out in the black area of the bezel, ending in the black area. Sometimes people miss that the screen is sensitive in the first bit of the bezel and this is used by the Playbook in the set of gestures.
    01-05-12 07:07 AM
  4. 03sho's Avatar
    Bezel to Bezel. Blackberry logo to camera area.

    That shouldn't matter as it doesn't wake even when I press the power button.
    01-05-12 07:59 AM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    Contact RIM, sounds like a hardware issue, or possibly a software problem. You COULD try a factory reset and reinstall of the OS, BUT you do have the 90 days of free support why not use it?
    01-05-12 08:11 AM
  6. blackb3rry.mania's Avatar
    Reload the software on it !!
    01-05-12 08:32 AM
  7. FF22's Avatar
    Rim Support
    Canada Toll Free: 1-877-644-8405
    United States Toll Free: 1-877-644-8410
    Puerto Rico Toll Free: 1-855-651-4936
    Email: playbooksupport@blackberry.com
    01-05-12 09:35 AM
  8. wellard's Avatar
    I had a similar problem amongst others with my first unit which was replaced. I would suggest buying the 'Battery Guru' app and see what readings it gives you. This app will reveal any charging/battery problems and is a must have app in my opinion, backed up with great customer support from Peter the developer. My battery voltage would spike up and down and eventually wouldn't power up unless plugged in. Check my previous posts as they may help you, good luck.

    On a good note RIM shipped a new one to me the following day, excellent customer service!! The replacement has been rock solid, just requires an occasional reboot to keep it happy.
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    01-05-12 10:45 AM
  9. blackjack93117's Avatar
    If it were me I'd just plug in the wall charger or leave it charge overnight - have to do that anyway.. This doesn't seem to be too much of an inconvenience, but your call.
    01-05-12 11:42 AM
  10. spike12's Avatar
    I had a friend with a similar issue.. I checked his hardware profile and it said he only had 23 MB free of RAM, even though he didn't have anything loaded and the main screen was empty.. I told him to restart and everything went back to normal.. seem like one of his apps kept running in the background even though he "closed" it. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar issue?
    01-05-12 12:26 PM