03-20-14 06:32 PM
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  1. Fuzzballz's Avatar
    I'm thinking of selling my PB but I'm also thinking of relegating it to some sort of permanent workhorse job such as being a music player, a portable TV-connected movie player (thanks to its HDMI-out), or recipe book in the kitchen.

    If you no longer use your Playbook as a general-use tablet, but now use it as a permanent single-use device, what do you use it for?

    Or if you don't, but have some good ideas, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
    03-12-14 06:16 PM
  2. g33kphr33k's Avatar
    Movie viewing while commuting.

    Z10 until Z30
    03-12-14 06:29 PM
  3. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Reading. That's it at the moment.
    03-12-14 06:29 PM
  4. highoctane74's Avatar
    Mine is on the cradle charger as an alarm clock. I have some app that displays the date/time/weather. I haven't used it much since getting my Z30, browser is much faster.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-12-14 06:44 PM
  5. cajunberry's Avatar
    On cradle charger, using as a photo frame. Liquid-Photo app.
    03-12-14 06:54 PM
  6. pengy76's Avatar
    Currently use mine for the Kindle app, and I use the box app to access items I need when at work. I use it as a personal organizer, a music player (love nobex radio ) and I jot down notes with skit app. Web browsing... I can't say that it does everything that I would like it to do, i.e. no netflix and the facebook app is horrible, but for what I use it for, I still love it. I do play some games on it sometimes, and recently used it to watch some downloaded movies on a greyhound bus trip. It was my first foray into the tablet world, and due to my job, I was able to test it out and play with it before I bought it. It serves the purposes I need it to. but I can't say that I use if for just one thing, even without proper updates, I still love it and use it daily.
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    03-12-14 08:37 PM
  7. howarmat's Avatar
    collecting dust...does a good job of it too
    03-12-14 08:45 PM
  8. Ausgewandertca's Avatar
    Movies and games while 30,000 ft in the air and in hotel rooms hooked up with the HDMI port watching movies. And talk to my boy via the video chat function which is will be obsolete when the ipod BBM get the video chat function.

    Posted with the sweet Zeeee10
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    03-12-14 08:49 PM
  9. johnnyuk's Avatar
    Remote Desktop-ing on to my computers and servers at work and managing my fleet of BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices with the BES10 consoles in the Work Browser all on that nice big (compared to a phone) 7 inch screen.

    I've always said they should have called it the WorkBook.

    Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1
    03-12-14 08:50 PM
  10. RonBHolmes2nd's Avatar
    Thanks to a Z10 with a keyboard on the fritz (baby drool is not good for phones ) my Playbook is doing everything again. Everything it can anyway.
    I still use it for browsing the web, even when my phone's working.
    03-12-14 09:06 PM
  11. Brian Levy's Avatar
    I am moving in the other direction. I am finding I am using it more and more for everyday use and side lining the netbook And 17" laptops I had previously relied on. One of the laptops now is solely used to stream Netflix, etc. to the tele; I do have the HDMI cable for the PB but since Netflix will not work through it, using the PB is redundant. The other laptop has replaced my desktop in my work area but, nowadays sees little use. The netbook with Win7 I swap off still with the PB when sitting in my lounger but that is also being used less and less.

    Unlike most here I still find the PB meeting my original list of wants other then the lack of Netflix and Skype. Skype is no longer an issue for me though. My only disappointment is the battery life when the wifi is on, way too short.
    03-12-14 10:21 PM
  12. qwerty4ever's Avatar
    My professional-use BlackBerry PlayBook with the BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini-Keyboard and Case allows me to remotely access virtualised GNU/Linux servers and workstations as well as web-based training and a variety of applications offered as cloud services. The only annoyance is the BBSSH Pro does not recognise the ESCAPE key on the physical keyboard; obviously a deficiency with BBSSH Pro not the BlackBerry PlayBook nor BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini-Keyboard. This tablet was under appreciated by Research In Motion's management team, especially the co-CEOs.

    Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.
    03-13-14 09:05 PM
  13. double_fault's Avatar
    I drive my business off Conqu using the Playbook. Every day. The PB + Conqu keeps me focused, organized and makes me money.
    03-13-14 09:26 PM
  14. harryhayde's Avatar
    Media..I have a q10 for my messaging and instant browsing. Then I use my playbook as a mini laptop and for watching movies

    03-13-14 09:30 PM
  15. 46Nico40's Avatar
    streaming movies from my server and crackberry.com ofcourse!
    03-13-14 09:35 PM
  16. bob_tn's Avatar
    I still use it for a few other things too but it gets its most use with Neutron, streaming music & other radio channels.
    AFAIC the speakers and sound quality can't be matched by any other tablet.
    Even though some keep saying it's old and outdated technology.

    Posted via CB10
    03-13-14 09:42 PM
  17. BerryRipe's Avatar
    Games, Browsing and Apollo (no Pandora commercials).

    Keep The Faith ? BlackBerry Q10 ?
    03-13-14 09:42 PM
  18. madman0141's Avatar
    I'm proud to say I still use my PlayBook quite often but it's main duty is the allocation of defensive products for national security. I use it to buy gun parts as I am a firearm enthusiast. Also it is faster than my ipad for Internet surfing so it conducts that duty as well.
    03-14-14 01:53 AM
  19. Carl Estes's Avatar
    I gots 2 of them, Unit 1, 64gb, which was always with me for work and such, has now been regulated to navi using Magellan inthe Ridgeline, and Unit 2,64gb, has been regulated to the Audio/TV system streaming to a Gateway every CD I own which I ripped to WMA Lossless.
    My Z30 is the workhorse of the day! It's what the Playbook should have been, albeit the screen size......

    03-14-14 09:12 AM
  20. qwerty4ever's Avatar
    I'm proud to say I still use my PlayBook quite often but it's main duty is the allocation of defensive products for national security. I use it to buy gun parts as I am a firearm enthusiast. Also it is faster than my ipad for Internet surfing so it conducts that duty as well.
    My God man! You're one of those terrorists the Government keeps warning us about. ROFLMAO
    03-14-14 09:34 AM
  21. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    Before going on a long trip, I load it up with movies, tv shows & music videos to watch on the plane or in various stages of the trip.

    I have another one loaded with several years worth of family vacation photos that make for a good slide show now and then.

    In all, I have 3 palybooks around the house and the fact that they are stilluseful after 3 years, that's quite an accomplishment for a device that was so roundly and harshly criticized and effectively killed off. But those of us who endured the quirks of it, can still get some use out of them even so.
    03-16-14 03:18 PM
  22. Relletti's Avatar
    I'm thinking about making mine a music player for the kitchen. I always loved the speakers on it and with Apollo and Stereotube it should do a great job.

    Posted from my awesome Z30
    03-16-14 03:24 PM
  23. g33kphr33k's Avatar
    Mine got an upgrade today when I installed Kalemsoft Media Player. Thanks to DLNA built in, it's now streaming tv shows and films for the kids and while I'm in bed.

    A worthy purchase and renewed it's life. Also, adding the Origami browser has given me a new browsing experience, it makes up for many flaws with just these 2 apps.

    Z10 until Z30
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    03-16-14 03:28 PM
  24. rthonpm's Avatar
    It's my service machine: between parts and service manuals, SSH, and Remote Desktop I can do just about everything I need. I take it with me to customer sites and it takes up much less space in the tool bag than a laptop and thanks to bridging it to my Q10 it gives me a good LTE signal to order from vendors. Still one of the best business investments I've made, especially at the firesale price I got my 64 GB one at.

    The only thing I'm missing is a direct printing app.

    Other than that, it still works as an entertainment hub when traveling to conventions or to see my in-laws on the West Coast.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-16-14 04:03 PM
  25. BoloMKXXVIII's Avatar
    Primarily use it as an internet radio and occasionally to read e-mails in the "reading room".
    03-17-14 06:57 AM
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