02-01-12 08:45 AM
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  1. ridemaster's Avatar
    happened to me the other day as i have a few PBs. i laughed at myself

    I was playing with my playbook and i put some password which i did not remember. 10 attempts failed ............ all got erased..................
    02-01-12 12:59 AM
  2. rjedge54's Avatar
    I was playing with my playbook and i put some password which i did not remember. 10 attempts failed ............ all got erased..................
    And it all got erased right?

    A co-worker and I were testing out a Samsung Galaxy today for a project to advocate for the use of Shareplus for our mobile users on campus. He had done a wipe but it left data from a previous user on the device. We set it up again with my Google account to install and test Shareplus with our Sharepoint site and when done did another wipe and again some of the previous user's data was still left behind. A little shocked to say the least.
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    02-01-12 01:05 AM
  3. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    THis is why I think people may learn that Desktop Manager is not a gadget.
    More, it has been stated here many times that the USB charge is very poor or even won't charge your PB.
    I think this is damageable statement; we should have good habits ...
    I'll give you mines :
    1. My DM is configured to sync daily and backup at least once a week
    2. When I'm at the office, I always plug My PB to the USB cable (unless I need a fast charge). (and yes, I have to type twice my password for both device and desktop managers to connect and YES it does charge my PB while in standby)

    This keeps my PB in good battery shape an does all I need to be up to date. I just hope, some day, I can let the BlueTooth (or even better the wifi) do the job, so that I don't have to do anything, DM running in background or scheduled for backup & sync.

    To the OP: sorry for your data ...
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    02-01-12 01:08 AM
  4. rjedge54's Avatar
    To be honest i thought that this was some practical joke when the message said "this is your last attempt to enter password. your data will be erased after that" or something to that extent. anyways i lost couple of important spreadsheets. but now i know that rim means business when it comes to data protection. i wondering how this would over wifi network. to access files from pb on pc i would need to put password. would pb get erased after 10x in this situation. ?
    Nope. It is only the device password just like with the BB phones. The PB Help document state that the password access security.

    We also require this for mobile devices on our network but set the failure attempts to 5 for all mobile devices accessing our network or Exchange server. We also require that they lock after a maximum of 15 minutes being idle. All users are informed and are expected to acknowledge this requirement. In spite of this I still had a user complain that his university issued iPhone (potentially with confidential data) was wiped clean when he gave it to his kids to play with. When I repeated the policy he demanded that it be removed. I replied that it's not going to happen unless he wants a non smartphone for phone use only. He left an unhappy camper even after I spent the time re-configuring his phone because he gave it to his kids as a toy to play with.
    02-01-12 01:29 AM
  5. afdfirefighter77's Avatar
    I just wish it encrypted personal data that is saved on the Playbook. It's encrypted via bridge, but i have some personal stuff on my Playbook that i don't really want to get out.
    02-01-12 01:59 AM
  6. nightspark's Avatar
    You're lucky it didn't selfdestruct too.
    02-01-12 02:05 AM
  7. glamrlama's Avatar
    Sorry 'bout your data. I did the same when setting up my PB. It asks for your BB password. My mistake was I type my password in as 'numbers' but my password is actually the coresponding letters!
    On PB you have switch between the keyboards and I did not clue in until after it had wiped and rebooted. Lost some valuable files.
    02-01-12 03:14 AM
  8. jimmyfallon's Avatar
    ...and now we know why pb's/ bb is the preferred platform of so many federal agencies.
    go giants!!!
    02-01-12 03:20 AM
  9. alnamvet68's Avatar
    go giants!!!
    'effin A
    02-01-12 05:47 AM
  10. DoctorNeutron's Avatar
    Believe it or not: I was well away from my PC and I had loaded a vicious app on my Torch 9850 that would not let me all the way through a battery pull. No problema: just enter the RONG PSWD 10 times and I was home free ! Doc Neutron
    02-01-12 08:45 AM
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