1. Betmen's Avatar
    I just submitted a post and and the whole thread dissappeared?
    I was on my playbook thats interesting. Must be a new feature
    12-28-11 01:19 AM
  2. Megacharge's Avatar
    It was probably deleted because it was a useless thread that was wasting forum space and did nothing to help Playbook owners.

    Kinda like this thread.
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    12-28-11 01:20 AM
  3. Betmen's Avatar
    Thats an bull**** answer
    12-28-11 01:23 AM
  4. howarmat's Avatar
    It was deleted by another mod as it was a thread started with trolling intentions. Please do not create another thread asking why this one is close or why the other thread was deleted. Thanks.
    12-28-11 01:25 AM