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    OK. Was having issues with my Playbook. Did a security wipe, did not complete a backup first. But all applications except the Browser and Setup are gone.

    How do I get App World back. I cannot seem to find it. When I go to Blackberry.com/appworld, the browser just hangs....

    Any ideas?
    12-05-11 12:59 PM
  2. jafobabe's Avatar

    This will restore your Playbook and all original apps like new.. you will need to go through the original setup again, when this has finished:

    BlackBerry PlayBook to the latest internal version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS, do the following:

    Step 1: Connect your PlayBook to your PC via MicroUSB cable and open Desktop Manager
    Step 2: Backup your PlayBook! This install process is a CLEAN WIPE. You'll lose all data.
    Step 3: Within Desktop Manager, hit Device > Update on the menu.
    Step 4: No Update will be found. Just hit ok and go back to Desktop Manager homescreen.
    Step 5. From there, while still plugged in, Restart your PlayBook using the power button app.
    Step 6. A new popup window will appear giving you some options. Hit Update.
    Step 7: Let that baby update and you'll be on the latest software. Warning: it takes a while!
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    12-05-11 01:05 PM
  3. alnamvet68's Avatar
    Did you happene to have the Beta 2.0 OS when you started having issues?
    12-05-11 01:07 PM
  4. Chaddface's Avatar
    Did to try a hard reset? Volume + & - & power button until the PB shuts off.
    You may try to reinstall the os. With the PB connected to DM restart the PB. You will see the option.
    12-05-11 01:09 PM
  5. TMFoughty's Avatar
    It was the beta version. I added my PIN to get the latest, and after the install all was well. Thx for the replies...

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    12-05-11 11:05 PM