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    My first post, here it goes:

    What phone, tablet and apps/software should I get?

    • I want a good planner that works on my phone as well as on my laptop (vista).

    • I want to communicate mostly using internet (skype, whatsapp, e-mail).

    • I want to synchronise, but I don't want to clutter my corporate messages (smartermail) with my gmail and social media messages.

    • I want to be able to do some work on the go from a tablet computer, preferably using my phone's internet connection when there is no wifi.

    • What is good planning software in combination with a phone that imports calender dates and shows them in offline mode as well unlike google?

    • Oh and I don't want double messages, so getting a message on my laptop and then having to click it away on my phone eventhough I just read it.

    Currently I have a BB 9780 that doesn't allow for skype.
    I spend a lot on my mobile subscription for no good reason
    ((international) calls and texts outside my bundle).

    I want to save money on my subscription by using more
    internet/wifi and I'd rather spend that money on a new phone.

    At the office we use zoho for CRM and Google docs for uploading calculations
    and documents. I don't like the uploading and conversion from excel to the google version and working online in google docs. So any tips on other/better ways are welcome. I work at a small travel consulting firm in Holland where we use macs as well as pcs.

    I heard FranklinCovey are good in this area, any ideas?

    Please help, thanks!
    06-01-13 08:14 PM
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    I _THINK_ that Skype may now work on the new bb10 phones. It does NOT work on the Playbook.

    I will allow others to answer since I've never had a corporate phone.
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    06-01-13 09:08 PM
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    This is the Playbook forum and you seem to be talking about just the phone and the laptop which is running Vista. If you are talking about coupling a new Blackberry phone running BB10 with the laptop you need to get on the BB10 forum particularly since BB10 is not available yet for the Playbook.

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    06-01-13 10:14 PM

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