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    Hey Guys.
    Just wanted to make a quick post for users like that were in my case.
    Basically i was taking my shower and i touched my playbook with my hands wet ( i know its really dumb ), right after that, the touchscreen was really less reactive, i was struugling to type on my keyboard for exemple,the browser was pretty much unusable ( the touchscreen was pintch-to-zooming for no reasons) It was really ty.
    So i called blackberry after 5 days and when im writting this message Fedex is actually sending me a package to send back my playbook to RIM, but 6 days after the "water issue" the touchscren started working again. Really reactive really smooth like nothing happened before.
    Anyway just wanted to let people know that if you're in my situation dont be deseperated, just wait a couple of days. You will surely save some money ( returning the playbook and paying for the screen reparation ).

    Dont really know if its the right place to post this here, but i think it is.
    Anyway thank you for taking your time to read my little story and sorry about the language mistakes

    10-28-12 02:15 PM

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