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    App flicking is addicting - the first one's free!!
    Its SO addicting!!! I keep trying to do it on my 9810. I long for the day when it will actually work on a BB phone!
    01-09-12 03:03 PM
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    Its SO addicting!!! I keep trying to do it on my 9810. I long for the day when it will actually work on a BB phone!
    Oh, I have a 9810, too, and, you have to admit, it's pretty easy on that one, too. I mean the most you have to do is hit the menu button, then close. It's not like you try to close an app and find out that you have to install another application to to do it, then another application to close the new application.....oy veh.
    01-09-12 05:09 PM
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    Having Android, iOS and a PB in my house I will admit I prefer Android over all the others. Don't get me wrong, the PB is a great device and I'm loving mine.

    What it come down to is that each device has great features, and thir own set of problem. IMO it comes down to how you intend to use it.

    Things I like about the PB over Android.
    Fluid browser.
    Quick and efficient OS. Actually this is something I love about this thing, the OS doesn' feel like bloatware.
    Swipe gestures (these are MONEY)
    Great hardware for the price (granted mine was $300 off)..
    I dont feel like a tool bag carring it around. That is the biggest reason I won't carry my iPad, I feel like I'm trying to wave a "hey, look at me I'm cool and successful and I'm proving it with my Apple device", instead I'd rather wave my Dork flag proudly with my Playbook.
    Everything I do isn't sent back to mother google so they can figure out better ways to sell me stuff.
    Made by our brothers to the north, aye. Growing up in MN I was pratically Canadian...

    What I Don't like.
    Apps only work when you are running them (my alarm clock app has to be running to work and can't even turn the screen on). And actually, this is huge, IMO programs like Tasker really extend a device and bring them closer to a true digital assistant, and I'm not talking about Siri or some advanced calendar.
    Locked out hardware (so what if I want to use my BT headset, and will a BT GPS work?). You cant out Apple Apple, and people only accept that from them because the want Apple.
    A home screen that is only a place to go, not a place to BE. Yes, the multi-tasking is great, now quit telling me all the time, I know I have the device, now let me have a widget from Mint to tell me my account balance, a Facebook update, a nice photo slideshow, and whatever else some developer can think up that I like.
    A decent app setup, because honestly the App world is HORRIBLE, it reminds me of the windows marketplace for Windows Mobile (WM not WP). It has horrible searching, a bad layout, and to be honest a marginal selection of apps. As a consumer I dislike it, if I was a developer I would not develop for BB just due to the fact that consumers cant find apps so how would they find mine?

    As far as Apple goes, well it has many of the same limitations as the PB with a better selection of Apps. I might like it better though if iOS 5 hadn't turned my ipad1 into a slow beast with a browser that crashes more than the one in OS2.0 beta (way more).

    Is the PB bad, certainly not, I'm really enjoying mine. Bottom line I really like this device and will contine to use it daily, but Android is more mature and it shows. BB has potential with QNX, and it has some awesome features, lets hope they do well with it.
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