1. Mercury's Avatar
    Has anyone run into issues where their PB's go to a film negative colour? Almost reverse colouring?

    The reason why I ask is because over the past few days I have noticed after I take my PB off the charger, the colours are normal, background is normal colour, and then all of a sudden it flips into a film negative type colouring. It is still responsive and all I have to do is hit the battery icon, and reboot and all is good again.

    It has happened twice this week, first time it has ever done it as well. This is an original PB from April 2011 and I'm using the latest beta OS.

    Any ideas on why this is happening?
    09-14-12 12:21 PM
  2. kenorian's Avatar
    Yes, it was happening to me for a while. My experience was that if hit standby and turned it back on it was fine. A software upgrade ago it stopped happening, don't know if it had to do with the new load of software or just that it OS was rebuilt.
    09-14-12 01:51 PM