10-12-12 08:23 AM
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  1. urbnimports's Avatar
    i have the icon carbon case...its flips over the top not the sides...they told me this was due to a chemical reaction inside the playbook's battery covers...then they told me i was at fault somehow...like i made the choice to mix two corrosive chemicals together lol
    06-07-12 03:00 PM
  2. Saif Beiruty's Avatar
    What did you do ruin it playbook please tell me, I don't want to ruin my second playbook plz. What did you do wrong
    06-07-12 03:39 PM
  3. urbnimports's Avatar
    i did not do anything...its what RIM used to cover the battery inside the playbook. The chemicals must have had some kind of reaction together and they melted the plastic. There is another instance of my exact issue with another user on this site. They replaced his playbook but denied mine, i plan on fighting this to the end even if i have to get legal help. I did not shell out $500 to have the tablet price dropped to $199 then have RIM tell me that i have to buy another unit since they refused to repair mine. If this was an apple product i would have had a replacement sent within 3 days...its been 2 weeks and i still don't have my playbook back yet!
    06-07-12 03:54 PM
  4. ast_ph's Avatar
    @OP just wondering what charger are you using? is it battery leak?

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    06-07-12 10:45 PM
  5. urbnimports's Avatar
    i only use the charger that came with it and a usb blackberry cable to my PC...nothing out of the ordinary
    06-08-12 06:35 PM
  6. Ruslan Botsyurko's Avatar
    I'd definitely try to contact RIM once more and insist on repair or exchange, it may look like you tried to open it, but they should inspect closer, not just take a quick look and send it back.

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    06-08-12 06:59 PM
  7. urbnimports's Avatar
    that's exactly how i feel
    06-08-12 07:13 PM
  8. nicing89's Avatar
    Hey, you know what, mine much worse than yours. It looks like yours a month after buying, and today after 4 months it's getting worse. Since i'm not reside on US, i don't know how to contact rim and tell them my problem, because it seems that i can't find their email to send them the pictures either. Mine also never drop nor hit on something.
    06-09-12 11:24 AM
  9. mr.tazz's Avatar
    Same problem here but the melted shapes on the right hand :

    i'm only use the orginal charger and an orginal usb blackberry cable
    06-09-12 12:01 PM
  10. urbnimports's Avatar
    everyone who has the same problem as i do...is your playbook the one with the recessed power button?
    06-09-12 12:03 PM
  11. nicing89's Avatar
    No, mine doesn't have recessed power button, the power button is good. Do u know how to contact rim by email?
    06-09-12 10:51 PM
  12. FF22's Avatar
    Email does not really work as they want to know when it was purchased. You have to call.
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    06-10-12 02:53 AM
  13. jzibit's Avatar
    my playbook also experiencing this it has weird like bubbles in the metal case on the right side part of the playbook. When i started using it after i bought it i didn't notice that or maybe because it doesn't have yet. But after few weeks it starts to have few bubbles in the metal as i use it more than a month now it started to have a lot of bubbles that annoys me while im holding my playbook because it is rough. So i started to use sand paper to smoothen the rough surface. Well it is smooth now i didnt have any battery problem on my playbook it's just the annoying rough surface.
    10-12-12 08:23 AM
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