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    My playbook has the most unusual bug I've ever seen.. Right up til yesterday it's been perfectly fine, I checked my email, gathered up a PDF to present some information to a chap I was meeting with yesterday morning, and noticed my background probably shouldn't have a pic of Allesandra Torresani on, (From caprica). Soon as I changed it and flicked off the screen, the bug, whatever it is, has been affecting my tablet. Its powering on the screen, I can tell from the shimmering black, but nothing graphically shows up. The softwares clearly working, as is the input, as I can hear typing noises at the password screen it goes to when locked for xxx minutes. Also, when it's placed flat, on one specific table, in my house, and flicked on, it displays just fine, move it even a micron, and the next time I flick it on, it won't.. ANy thoughts? (It does have that newer firmware from BB)
    10-30-13 12:46 AM
  2. SEAWARRIOR's Avatar
    are you near any other electronics, i.e. hdtv, microwave, fridge, etc.??? try a hard restart,,, vol+ & power button, hold 'til after power option buttons disappear, release,,, let it power up normally...
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    10-30-13 04:30 AM
  3. iStormUK's Avatar

    So RIM used a rather poor quality ribbon connector at the back of the board for it's display connector. Fixed it with, get this, a Tesco Clubcard and electrical tape. Works fine. Slight bulge as a result, but it never sat perfectly flat before anyway.
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    10-31-13 11:49 PM

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