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    Note I have solved this, but its weird.

    I have two tabs for applications on my wife's playbook. One for the work/business stuff and another for games/kids stuff. Magically one of the ninja kids manage to create a empty space on the games tab. After fiddling/fixing it I have concluded the following:

    Empty space above your application within a tab looks to be a desync'ed icon map with how they display.

    1. You need to delete the tab
    2. To delete it (I didnt see another way) you need to move all applications off it
    3. Most of the applications moved off fine, but there remain some right below the space I just couldnt move, turns out, the point of display and where the icon existed where not the same. I was able to drag the remaining icons from within the empty space.
    4. Once moved, the tab disappears. Moved back and tab 2 is fine.

    Hope this helps someone else if they run into this issue.
    03-13-13 08:02 AM

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