1. GreenLeaf182's Avatar
    Hey, does anyone know if there is a quick way to scroll threw a web page...

    Some web pages I go to are quite long and don't like flicking all the way to the bottom, I would love to see the right border of the playbook be a quick scroll bar.
    04-23-12 10:20 AM
  2. gorang's Avatar
    Flip it to portrait mode
    04-23-12 10:34 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    The flick is somewhat dynamic so if you give it a really good shove, it can move more than a screen's worth. But it really needs the bbphones T and B for top/bottom and HOME page.
    04-23-12 06:39 PM
  4. ErnieH's Avatar
    Reviving this thread. Why is Browser scrolling so crude on the Playbook? It doesn't seem to matter how hard you swipe. The screen just plods along with no momentum.

    RIM got it absolutely right on Bridge apps so they know how to do it. A good flick and email messages wiz by in an intuitive way. Surely we could expect an improvement. And a shortcut to page top or bottom is a must too.
    11-03-12 10:02 AM