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    Here's a question: If I go to a website and use an app I can sometimes continue to use it even if I turn off wifi as long as I have cleared off enough room on the cache and subsequently don't try to refresh the page or use the forward/back page arrows.

    So, it's saved on the Playbook temporarily, at least. How would it be possible to save it permanently to use at any time?

    I've noticed this off-line cache use is sometimes possible with drawing sites, keyboards, animated emoticons, etc. Here are some links to show what I mean:

    A drawing site (can draw, delete, draw again, etc)

    A Hindi script keyboard site (can use this and also supplement the keyboard by pulling up the Playbook's regular keyboard)
    Hindi Virtual Keyboard

    An animated emoticon site (can only stay on the current page with this but can scroll it)
    Chibi Smileys, Chibi Emoticons | AllSmileys.com | Page 2
    08-23-14 03:57 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    Well, I can do what you want on my PC, with the whiteboard app at least (didn't try the others), by saving the web page as an mht file using Opera, and then opening the mht file with Internet explorer (neither Firefox nor Chrome seem to be of any use for these purposes). Strangly, the mht file created with Opera won't open properly in Opera, and creating an mht file with Internet explorer results in a file that neither IE nor Opera will open. However, after transferring the "working" mht file to my PB, I couldn't get any of my installed browsers to open it properly.
    08-23-14 09:36 PM
  3. snow_stipple's Avatar

    Okay, so it can be done on a PC. That's promising. Hope there is a way to save the cache onto the Playbook as it would allow anyone to turn some of these free website apps into saved ones. Especially useful for those subject specific apps that would never make it to BlackBerry World
    08-24-14 09:08 PM

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