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    01-08-14 01:47 AM
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    This discussion has been useful for airing some merits and misgivings around QNX and BlackBerry and the tab market. However it is presenting a fundamentally flawed premise to suggest that in promoting it's QNX venture, BlackBerry is somehow neglecting the tablet market. BlackBerry in or out of the tab market is unrelated to its QNX biz. The End.

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    01-08-14 01:59 AM
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    I'm sorry....What???

    QNX cars are their future? LOL. O.k.

    By that time, there will be no one left of their user base to buy ANY of their products.

    They need to focus on productivity tools for the everyday CURRENT USERS of today and now.

    1. Great phones.
    2. Great tablets.
    3. No App Gap.

    Very. Simple.

    BlackBerry is a hard bunch to learn. People want productive phones and tablets. Not Million dollar QNX Cars, that we, normal people cannot afford.

    We. Need. Productivity. Tools. Not. Cars.

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    I think you are not understanding the big picture here. QNX, the heart of BB10, has had great success with the automotive market. What they are showing off at CES is the direction that most cars (not 100k and up) are heading in terms of technology. Now i know you might be upset that they havent released a tablet. I want a BB10 tablet too, do not get me wrong but looking at this from a business perspective, in-car tech is a better decision over a tablet. If they skip this opportunity they will be in the same situation they are in atm. You need to capitalize on emerging technology, and for the app gap they are working to plug that by utilizing the Android runtime in a more integrated matter. Give it a couple of years, you will see cars like the Dodge Dart (under 20K) with this QNX infotainment that connects with your BlackBerry seamlessly and from what i saw android devices as well. Also, normal people buy cars
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    I mean zero disrespect to anyone of what their views are. I am simply stating that BlackBerry keeps the same image and reputation of not following through, or finishing what they started.

    When will they put this trend to an end, and start listening to their user base once and for all?

    They can do what they want. I see them as no more than a bunch of different characters who are simply picking ideas out of a hat, and let the chips fall where they may.

    Don't say I didn?t say so, when it all falls through. Then they will not have any user base to come back to.

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    01-08-14 02:16 AM
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    I do agree that BlackBerry should make a new tablet, but not at the moment. They really cannot afford another pile of inventory sitting around, and the PlayBook wasn't a huge success. It was frankly ugly in comparison to the iPad, and people didn't want it. I have one and agree that it works well, but it isn't sexy.

    I would love to see a powerful, and attractive new BlackBerry 10 tablet this time next year, but until then they need to focus on selling phones again. I think BlackBerry will indeed begin selling phones this year, as the 'BlackBerry is Dead' stuff is going to die out within the next few months if things keep looking up with the stock price, and if BBM continues to be a success, and if the next couple phones that are released are brilliant, with top specs. Fingers crossed...

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    01-08-14 02:17 AM
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    And just for the record. QNX is related to the tablet. They made one with it comprised within. How can you say it has nothing to do with any of the previous or future tablets? They are BlackBerry. That is what the tablet's origins are based on, lol.

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    01-08-14 02:19 AM
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    Well, it seems that the new team will carry forth with their plans, some of which were in play before and may just be coming to fruition. But contentious comments and outright rudeness will bring things to a conclusion rather quickly.
    01-08-14 02:25 AM
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