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    I know it's "hard" to get off the computer/ and or disregard posts or threads you may be following.... but get OFF the computer and get to work breaking the bootloader /cracking /jailbreaking those PlayBooks!

    We PlayBook owners need you working on breaking the bootloader so the PlayBook can be modded.


    BTW: Found this in CPU Magazine ComputerPowerUser.com Digital Edition July-2013 Vol 13, Issue 07 page 5

    ( You can receive hard copy of each month FREE, IIRC they have PDF versions as well you can access.)

    Ekoore - Overview

    The Python S3 is the most complete tablet that has ever existed. Thanks to its versatility offers the possibility to use as operating system: Android (4.2), Ubuntu or Windows. The three operating systems can co-exist to allow the user to select the operating system to start, when you turn the tablet. Where would this versatility, however, if you can not turn this tablet into a 12-inch touchscreen notebook? The keyboard dock has been designed to do just that!

    .Ekoore Python S3 convertible tablet triple-boots Windows 8, Android, Ubuntu - Liliputing

    Attachment 183309

    Attachment 183311
    i am working on it. i hope there is not much dissapointements from RIM. if they diffused the efuse then we are screwed. which calls for reverse engineering. if they havent? well then consider it done. i am taking dual approach and one of them will work. dont know which one. only time is the judge and the jury.
    and yes i am off the forums and breaking my head trying to understand it first. if i dont understand the logic and its core? you will end up with a brick or you will have the same OS.
    ubuntu? ewww. debian?
    give me time. this is a very delicate process. as and when i read more confidential documents. i adjust my strategy a little. ;-)
    thanks for the feedback and kick in the a$$. i will get to work asap. but not before 1 st august. because i have a project deadline which i must meet and its installing linux in 3000 machines. which helps me earn food for my family. when its done? i jump again deep into the ocean.
    thanks again!
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    07-17-13 09:03 AM
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    But why is the LTE version still on the US website?
    Dead link. It's the RIM/BBRY Standard Operating Procedure - "Coming Soon...". This page has been there forever and likely won't go away until all stock is sold. But, you can't buy it, 'cause it's "Coming Soon".
    07-17-13 10:58 AM
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    ^^And at the end of the story, you couldn't buy it because it was canceled... typical BlackBerry huh...

    Posted via Z10
    07-17-13 02:52 PM
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    I have a feeling Z10, Q10 and A10 owners will be as angry as us when BBRY goes under and leaves them all in the lurch...
    Of course they will...because you have a magical crystal ball....and you know BlackBerry will go under. Maybe I can buy your shares and help you out, Einstein...you, know...because i'm a masochist...lol.
    I doubt with a 2.9 to 3.1 BILLION warchest that the company named "BlackBerry" will be going under, the "services" division that is.
    The device division is a another story.

    Regarding the BB10 devices:
    You know those BB10 OS powered devices are what 7 months old now... Expect for BlackBerry to deem them EOL and focus on the next round of devices as they did with the PlayBook when the "next" round of devices are on the drawing table.

    Is this to be expected with any tech device=YES

    What is UNIQUE about the PlayBook is how BlackBerry "used" the upcoming BB10 OS to simulate sales of DEAD PLAYBOOK stocks by the CEO of BlackBerry stating all Playbooks would be getting a upgrade, then going back on their word after waiting till everyone's focus is fixing problems within the new OS, the new devices.
    (Typical Z10, Q10 and A10 (or whatever) owners making statements like I'm glad they killed the update for the PlayBook as my device is experiencing xyz problems and BB needs to be focusing on MY device. Wish they hadn't wasted time on the PlayBook to begin with, blah, blah, blah.)
    07-17-13 03:35 PM
  5. quackquack147's Avatar
    Moving on as swiftly as possible towards irrelevance and bankruptcy
    my sister did explain me this will happen. and she explained this in detail. and i see its coming true. i would be surprised if it goes bankrupt via the route of irrevalence. there is more to life than RIM/Blackberry cry baby. i am moving on. its a big waste of time. viktor is doing something constructive. but how will he make a deaf organization hear something when it doesnt have ears.
    and besides playbook number is around 4 million units. whats the big deal huh!
    soon people will forget it and move on. relax man. i am trying and trying hard. if i fail, well my bad. life is for real.
    cant afford to waste my costly life. because i have just one life.
    there are millions of people who dont have food on their plate, you only dont have blackberry 10.x nor updates for 2.x.
    i want to have food on my plate than blackberry 10.x or 2.x updates.
    case closed for me and also chapter closed.
    i wasted my money on a fraud company. and i will repent for it. as long as i live. rather than that. i rather try to hack. if i fail? well i attempted.
    its better than this huge out cry.
    there are eggs hatching, and new ones born.
    flowers bossom from buds and turn to fruit.
    new porns are load in porn websites.
    youtube teaches how to cook good food.
    there is EPL coming up. world cup 2014 coming up.
    general elections 2014 coming up in india.
    if you having blackberry OS 10.x or OS 2.x update its too bad for you son, i got 99 problems but b!tch aint one.

    many wars and battle fought.
    egypt and syria people die in a civil war.
    in india massive corruption and in china civil dictatorship.
    blackberry 10.x nor blackberry 2.x updates doesnt solve any of these issues.
    so? blackberry We are getting OS 3.0 right?-fuck-you.jpg
    hope i made it clear. get over it. chew it. you got a hit. and a hard hit. i understand. even i got hit like you. but there will be many more to come like these.
    i am getting into a clappin' frenzy!
    i dont give a sh!t about blackberry/RIM anymore.
    i am done ranting! i got more issues in life to deal with before i die like others who are living to die.
    "Food on my plate!" thats more important than this craziness.
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    07-17-13 04:04 PM
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    Moving on as swiftly as possible towards irrelevance and bankruptcy
    They have $3.1b to burn thru, then bankruptcy. Plus Thor's bonus of course.
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    07-17-13 11:32 PM
  7. WeAreNotAlone's Avatar
    They have $3.1b to burn thru, then bankruptcy. Plus Thor's bonus of course.
    Thor's bonus
    Who wants to bet that good old Thor got a couple of suitcases of hundred dollar bills thrown his way from the sales of the PlayBooks that he helped "move" over the past many months? (His bonus of course growing each day more PlayBooks left the loading dock.)

    You know Thor was the one that stated that all PlayBooks would get a update to BB10, and Thor is the one that stated they (BB) had come to the conclusion that BB10 would not be a good experience on the PlayBook so "he" killed it, so he DESERVES a big hefty bonus as he took all the RISK.
    He deserves at least a couple of million you know for coming up with the plan to move dead stock.

    So what if Thor had a couple of suitcases full of hundred dollar bills thrown his way for keeping QUIET and DELAYING the announcement???

    Problem with that is a couple of million (if that) would probably fix the issues people have been complaining about or wanting since day one the PlayBook was released.

    (I hope it comes out BB knew the BB10 OS 8 months ago was a no-go on the PlayBook and purposely sat on that info until warehouses were cleared of dead /slow selling inventory... The reason sales picked up- WAS his statements about BB10 would be a reality .) AND they were purposely waiting so in SALES of BB10 devices would not be affected by any "negative" reports during it's release. Them purposely planing to WAIT for reports by BB10 device owners to "pile-up" so they could sweep the PlayBook under the rug, saying all their efforts need to be on fixing issues BB10 device owners are reporting.)

    Really, How long do you think it took for the engineers to figure out BB10 OS would not be possible?

    Bet they knew that back in 2012... and remained quiet about it till 2013-06-28 when they annouced it wasn't to be and KILLED off the PlayBook, otherwise PlayBooks sales would have dropped to nothing and it would have made their super-duper-wiz-bang QNX OS BB10 OS look bad.

    All I have to say is it was a GREAT PLAN... Sell off old stock, and once people are focused on the new devices kill the thing completely.
    PS: Anyone have any truth serum and a video camera.... I'd like to see him dosed up and then we get him talking and broadcast it to the world.

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    07-18-13 02:05 AM
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    wishful thinking...
    07-18-13 06:25 AM
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    i dont do ubuntu! logic is pretty much same. debian debs == ubuntu, ubuntu debs != debian.
    Does Debian have a mobile OS? I might consider it but wasn't aware....also, I know what you mean. I have a friend who is a physics professor and he calls Ubuntu a "parasite" of Debian.....purists
    07-27-13 11:04 AM
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